9 Classic Games That Will Never Get Old

Family game night is always a blast, but when you add one of these nine classic games to the mix, family game night gets even better! Whether your family prefers card games or board games, there's something here for everyone.


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Sorry Game

It's a race to "home" when you and your family bust out the Sorry board game. Made for two to four players and for ages six and up, Sorry is a classic family game that allows players to chase opponents around the board and send them back to start with a simple "sorry!" The game focuses on luck and strategy and will be fun for the whole family. Bonus: Buy Sorry and Trouble as package deal for $29 and double the family fun! ($20; amazon.com)

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Operation Board Game

What has Cavity Sam gotten himself into now? The classic game character is always coming down with something, whether that be a wishbone, charley horse, or Adam's apple. Your kiddos will love trying to "operate" on Sam to make him feel better by using a pair of tweezers, but watch for the buzz! If Cavity Sam's buzzer goes off then the operation is unsuccessful. ($18; target.com)

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UNO Card Game

UNO, the classic card game that's seen some modernization (hello, UNO Attack), is a family favorite. The card game includes 108 cards and ensures "fast fun for everyone!" Appropriate for ages seven and older, UNO is played by players taking turns to match a card in their hand with the current card being shown by color or number. Play UNO with two or more people and enjoy a night full of light-hearted family fun. ($12; walmart.com)

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On your next family game night, build up the Jenga tower just to see who will knock it over. Your family will delight in the competition and suspense of Jenga! Now with an easy to put away package, Jenga is a classic game where players pull a wood block out of the tower one by one until it falls. Made for ages six and up, Jenga is easy to follow and perfect for the whole family. ($24; amazon.com)

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The Game of Life

Have fun with your family as each member gets to choose their life path with The Game of Life. The classic game by Hasbro comes with a game board spinner, 100 cards, four cars, a money pack, 24 pegs, and a game guide for endless family fun. Appropriate for ages eight and up and for two to four players; get ready to embark on this game full of twists and turns navigating "life." ($14; walmart.com)

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Clue 1986 Edition

A true classic, Clue is a family-friendly game full of mystery, sleuthing, and fun! Parents will love the throwback aspect of this 1986 rendition of the board game, complete with retro graphics, classic wood tokens, and vintage detective notes and solution envelope. Suggested for ages eight and up, this game will provide your family with a new mystery to solve each round. ($20; target.com)

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Mouse Trap Game

Have fun scurrying to the finish and avoiding traps with your kiddos as you play Mouse Trap. The game includes four plastic mice, two metal balls, 25 mouse trap building parts, 52 cheese pieces, die, and instructions. Get ready for family fun and hurry to the finish before your mouse gets caught! Note: Due to the small parts, this game is not suitable for children under three years of age. ($26; amazon.com)

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Phase 10 Card Game

Enjoy a card game that brings good old-fashioned family competition out in the best way. Phase 10 is a card game similar to Gin Rummy but with an exciting twist and easy-to-use cards for kiddos. Be the first one to complete phase 10 and secure bragging rights until the next game commences! ($6; walmart.com)

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Introduce your kids to a game you've been playing for years—Monopoly! The classic board game will be the hit of game night and is suitable for children eight years and older. This version puts a nostalgic twist on your favorite game by bringing back the 1962 edition, complete with a vintage board and pieces. As an added bonus, this version of Monopoly comes with a decorative tin box that has built-in storage for all the playing components. ($21; walmart.com)

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