Our Editor's Must-Haves for Easy Outdoor Cleanup

Summer vacation means one thing: Your yard is about to become a sea of kids' toys that have found a new home in the outdoors. If you're struggling to keep up with the chaos, shop this list of genius finds from Houzz that make staying organized a breeze.

Outdoor Organization
Patio Storage Trunk photo

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Patio Storage Trunk

Keeping the kids organized during the busy summer months can be a challenge, so simplify things with a patio storage trunk. This simple, durable solution provides an easy-to-access place for the kids to store pool toys, sports equipment and more. Place it on your deck or in the garage so your family never has to go searching for summer activities. And the best part? The stay-dry feature keeps toys from getting wet and moldy, guaranteeing that your little one always has good, clean fun.

Price: $144

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Portable Toy Organizer

Nothing is more frustrating than finding little toys all over the lawn just before it's mowing time. Make cleanup time easy for your kids with this portable toy organizer. Simply lay it out in the yard and place toys on top of it. When playtime is finished, cinch up the bag to keep every item neatly tucked away inside.

Price: $18

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Mesh Sports Basket

School may be out, but you can still teach your kids a lesson on staying organized. Place this mesh sports basket in your shed, garage, or even your mudroom to store bat bags, shoes, balls, and everything else needed for summer activities. You'll feel like you hit a home run with this one!

Price: $94

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Click-It Closet Organizer photo

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Click-It Closet Organizer

For families with multiple kids who participate in several activities, this click-it closet organizer is a must. It has three bags for storing a variety of outdoor essentials and can be easily reached by tiny hands. From pool accessories to sand toys to sporting gear, each compartment can be dedicated to a specific summer activity, or assign a bag to each child to keep his or her summer gear separate and easy to find.

Price: $35

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Sports Storage Cart

Summer vacation is here and that means playing outside — and leaving a mess of random toys around the neighborhood or in the driveway. But cleanup is a snap with this wheeled cart, which has three spacious storage bags for organizing pool towels, outdoor games, and more of your kids' seasonal staples.

Price: $79

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Plastic Storage Cubes photo

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Plastic Storage Cubes

It's all fun and games until it's time to clean up! Make it less of a chore by placing labeled, waterproof baskets in these cool plastic storage cubes so your kids know exactly where to put their favorite toys when playtime is finished.

Price: $40

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Plastic Tubtrugs

Whether your kids love having water balloon fights with their friends or enjoy swimming all day in the pool, keeping an assortment of towels near is crucial in the summer. Arrange them in this colorful plastic tub so your kids can grab them when they're ready to dry off. That trail-of-dripping-water problem you've had in the past? Consider it solved!

Price: $25

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Storage Seat photo

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Storage Seat

Here's a clever way to keep pool essentials organized: The two-in-one storage solution not only stashes away pool toys and towels but also doubles as a cozy seat! Pro tip: Don't forget to throw in an extra pair of goggles and a few flip-flops—there's always someone who could use them!

Price: $50

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