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Little Builder
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Shopping stores Lego compatible building bricks, kids can play with each set separately or play with all 4 individual sets as one!... children's building bricks set kids can build whatever they imagine with this colorful set your child can either follow along the instruction or they can think out of the box and create whatever their creative mind can imagine building brick sets can either be played with individually or kids can combine multiple brick sets in one! brick playset comes with bricks in different shapes and sizes! boys and girls can build space rockets and robots to dinosaurs and sharks, this set gives budding builders of all ages the versatility to be really creative and makes a great addition to any existing Lego collection. There are Lego compatible bricks in different colors and shapes. So let your imagination fly! and if you're stuck for ideas, the instructions will help to get you started. read more

Little Builder

This toy set is developed purposefully to target the youngsters and provide them with an extremely fun, delightful time with a that is relatively unique and difficult to spot. The game is manufactured with detail to color and overall impression so as to engage the young ones with not only an unconventional outlook, but with the simulating color tones and tinges creating a stunning piece of toy artwork. Along with the trial and error session of this game in order to reach the next level of playing with it, the toy enables a quality family time together between the parents and the child, who put their imaginations to productive work and come up with various stories that reflect how far the mind has expanded. Moreover, the toy additionally invokes the speaking function of the children, urging them to form correct words with correct pronunciation, all contributing to the fine, educational approach of the toy. Strength, vigor and reliance of the toy materials have never been challenged and are consistently unquestionable. The pieces lock solidly together once joined correctly and shan't be broken or cracked when your child decides to go a bit too hard on them. Bring home this toy set to engage the young boys, since they are particularly smart and naughty at age 6 and plus, in a game that is not only pleasantly time-consuming but comes with an indirect, academic approach as well. Strength of the toy parts is positively unquestionable. To become a downright winner for young boys, as well as girls who shall tug the parent to have them sit down and listen to their stories. read more