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Old Modern Handicrafts
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This is a unique globe with chess holder. Measured 13 inches in diameter, this globe will make a fine gift or decoration for your ...home or office. It features a removable chess board, a chess set, and stunning antique replica frescoes on the inner lid of the globe. The outer surface is also imprinted with an antique nautical world map. This globe comes with a dark wood base and requires some light assembly. read more

Old Modern Handicrafts

This little cute camp bus is the accurate scale replica of the famous car Volkswagen split windshield Kombis which were built betw...een 1950 and 1967. This automobile model is 100% iron frame with metal, rolling wheels. The decal insignia and painted details give more of an authentic look. The model has seats as well as a steering wheel and minor details on the dash. Other interior details include camping gear and a table in the rear. The exterior details, such as the spare wheel, are securely welded on. When shipped, the item is packaged with foam inserts banded to pieces of cardboard to keep them held sturdily in place.. 100% iron frame. Metal wheels. Wheels roll. Painted and decaled insignia. Includes details such as seats, steering wheel, and gas pedal.. Exterior details are securely welded on. 100% iron frame. read more