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These Popular Toy Brands are Topping 2018 Birthday Lists

A kid’s birthday list is a pretty big deal. On that list are the toys kids have been coveting and compiling all year long in anticipation of their big day. With their birthday approaching, now’s the time to hit the stores to find that perfect gift that will make their eyes light up with joy and their smiles shine brighter than ever. To make shopping for the perfect gift or prepping for that themed-party a bit easier this year, we’ve compiled a list of 10 popular birthday-list-approved toy brands your kiddo will adore.

Nintendo Switch (img credit: Walmart)


Ready for a reaction as great as this super-excited kid’s was on Christmas day? Try gifting one of the Nintendo systems kids can’t stop talking about. The ever-popular video game company, known for its must-have game consoles like the Nintendo DS, Gameboy, and classic SNES, is back at the top of kids’ lists this year with its newest gaming system—the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s current gaming system lineup includes a variety of both solo- and multiplayer systems, meaning kids can play on their own or include the whole family in on their fun. Plus, a gaming system is a gift that keeps on giving, as new games like Overcooked! and Mario Kart Deluxe 8 can reinspire the initial excitement down the road.

DreamWorks Trolls Toy (img credit: Walmart)

DreamWorks Trolls

One of the most popular toys in America is back again! Since the 1960s, troll toys have been a birthday-list favorite, with especially high interest in the 1990s and a spike in popularity again after the DreamWorks Animation Trolls movie release in November of 2016. With a second movie already in works for 2020, interest in this popular toy brand is as strong as ever.

Lego Ninjago Set (img credit: Walmart)


A new Lego set can lead to hours upon hours of important creative playtime. Kids can build the intended finished product—whether it’s a car, a spaceship, a building, or a village—or combine the pieces with their existing lego sets for unlimited construction potential. With sets geared toward all ages from age 1 to 12+ and themes based on popular trends, a new lego set is a guaranteed gifting win. Heads up: The biggest Lego trend of 2018 is Ninjago sets.

WowWee Fingerling Toy (img credit: Shoptique)

WowWee Fingerlings

These adorable interactive baby monkeys cling to a child’s finger and respond to care and attention with sounds and affectionate blinks. Their small size makes them easy to bring everywhere, and their lovable personalities give them serious BFF potential. Kids can keep the name they come with, like little Boris and Bella, or rename them as their very own monkey pet. Interested in other animals? WowWee Fingerlings also feature baby sloths and unicorns.

Barbie House (img credit: Walmart)


Barbie, the iconic doll brand everyone knows and loves, remains a top-of-the-list toy favorite this year. Endless outfits and accessories options make this brand a go-to for imaginative fun. Plus, with its 2017 Doll of the Year Toy-of-the-Year award, this ever-popular doll brand has secured its spot in the hearts of parents and kids with much-anticipated added diversity in its doll lineup.

Funkos Pop! (img credit: Walmart)


With action figures, bobbleheads, plush figures, keychains, and more, Funkos has a wide variety of toys representing an impressive amount of fan-favorite brands, movies, and celebrities. Get a Harry Potter Pop! figure for your Harry Potter fan or an Iron Man keychain figurine for your Marvel buff. You can even create your own Pop! figurine by customizing everything from its body/face shape, hair type, outfit, and accessories.

Pokemon Toy (img credit: Walmart)


Following the wildly popular release of the iPhone/Android Pokémon Go game, kids are back at it with the Pokémon craze that has been sweeping the nation for over a decade. While technology has made a big impact recently on the Pokémon world, kids are still exchanging cards with their friends the old-school way we all know and love. From trading cards to character action figures, your anime fan will adore a new Pokémon present this year.

Paw Patrol Toy (img credit: Walmart)

Paw Patrol

Based on the popular Paw Patrol television series featuring a lovable team of heroic pups and their 10-year-old teammate Ryder, Paw Patrol brand toys are a huge hit with little ones. From stuffed animals to figurines and trucks, kids can play with toys based on their favorite characters or episodes and reenact the canine team’s adventures.

Peppa Pig Toy (img credit: Walmart)

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig toys and books, based on the lovable and well-known animated British TV show, are a must-have for little ones. Like the beloved Berenstain Bears, Peppa Pig teaches life lessons as she walks kids through the adventures and happenings of daily life with her friends and family.

Hot Wheels Toy (img credit: Walmart)

Hot Wheels

There’s something undeniably fun about building tracks and watching your chosen car zoom around the track, jumping through hoops and off ramps. Admit it, even as an adult that still sounds like fun. Hot Wheels continues to dominate kids’ lists with its impressive assortment of cars, tracks, kits, and more.