12 Snow Day Activities to Beat Winter Boredom

Once all the holiday parties have died down and parents are back to work, the winter doldrums start to set in. Just because it's cold outside, that doesn't mean outdoor activities are out of the question. On the contrary, playing in the snow is one of the best ways to burn off (or chill out) all that pent-up energy. Plus, besides skating and sledding, there are all sorts of creative toys, games and even productive — snow chores, anyone? — things to do in the great, winter outdoors for kids and they're all available on Amazon now.

Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Color My Worlds Sand and Snow Coloring Kit photo

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Create Snow Art with a Snow Coloring Kit

What do you get when you cross Picasso with the North Pole? Artsy "indoor kids" will have a blast making snow masterpieces with this 14-item Color My Worlds Sand and Snow Coloring Kit that includes a snow brick maker, three plastic spray bottles, 10 different color tablets (to make snow rainbows!), creative building worksheets and a colorful tote bag for easy storage. It's also a great educational toy, as it comes with a color mixing chart that teaches them how to combine primary colors to make secondary colors. The dyes are 100% washable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and stain-free, so no worries about making a mess of mittens and coats. Kid-tested, mother-approved winter outdoor fun. ($24; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Snowball Maker Tools with Handle for Kids photo

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Have a Snowball Fight Using a Snowball Maker

Incoming! This Amazon Choice, 11-piece Snowball Maker Tool Kit for kids comes fully equipped with a snow mold kit, snowball makers, spatula, shovel, bucket and anything else they may need for a winter snowball battle blast. With these simple snow scoops, kids won't soak their gloves (and freeze their hands). Instead, these pieces are designed with easy-grabbing handles. Plus, they're made of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic, making those outdoor snow wars as safe as can be. ($32; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities The Patriot Snowball Launcher photo

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Host a Snowball Distance Contest Using a Snowball Launcher

Are their snowball fights getting too rough? Take the game in a different direction with the Patriot Snowball Launcher. The whole family can play with this catapult that's capable of shooting snowballs over 300 feet! The launcher has soft foam handles, making it easy to use, plus it comes with two splash balls that can be frozen and used as projectiles and 50 water balloons for more chilly, outdoor fun. ($17; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Snowman Decorating Kit Amazon photo

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Build a Snowman

Who says Frosty only comes to life at Christmas? This 13-piece, fashion-forward Snowman Decorating Kit will appeal to the snow-loving, aspiring clothing designer or mini-stylist in your family. The kit comes complete with a top hat, scarf, pipe, two eyes, five mouth pegs, buttons and even a carrot nose — or feel free to use a real one! The pieces are sturdy enough to be used annually, so we have a feeling this snowman (or woman) will be back again one day for more snowy outdoor adventures. ($10; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Flexible Flyer Snow Fort Building Kit photo

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Construct a Snow Fort with a Snow Fort Building Kit

If they love building sand castles, they'll be equally enamored with the idea of building igloos, snow forts and, heck, snow palaces with this awesome kit! The Flexible Flyer Snow Fort Building Kit & Sand Castle Mold Blocks include three snow molds: a large 20-by-5.75-by-7-inch block, a medium 10-by-5-by-7-inch brick and a castle tower (6.5 by 4.75 by 6 inches). Though it's meant for outdoor snow use, the kit is also flexible for use in the summer at the beach, and the pieces are designed to be long-lasting for years of outdoor play. ($23; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Matty's Toy Stop Heavy Duty Wooden Snow Shovels photo

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Shovel the Walkway with Kid-Size Snow Shovels

Mom and Dad's little helper will be happy to lend a helping hand after the storm with these two wooden snow shovels with plastic scoop and red and blue swirl handle from Matty's Toy Stop. Bigger kids will be eager to tackle the driveway and other snowy outdoor activities, while younger kids will be proud of all their hard work digging out a walkway. These shovels, which measure 28 inches long (scoop measures 10.2 inches wide by 9 inches tall), are perfectly sized for children, yet also amazingly durable and made with high-quality materials. ($28; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities GoFloats Winter Snow Tube Unicorn photo

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Go Fantasy Snow Tubing in a Fun Float

Sure, sledding is fun. But you know what's an even more exciting winter outdoor snow activity? Snow-tubing, especially when the kiddos are inside an inflatable unicorn! But the winter make-believe games needn't end there. GoFloats also makes polar bears, penguins, ice dragons and even flamingos. It's a frozen jungle out there! ($30; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests photo

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Play Snow Laser Tag with Infrared Laser Tag Blasters

Who needs snowballs when there's ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag? This mega pack of four tag blasters and vests will provide hours of outdoor fun for rough 'n tumble kids. A favorite gift from Amazon's holiday toy list this year, these lasers will turn the backyard into a winter wonderland laser tag arena. Touted as the most advanced set of laser tag blasters around, this set comes fully equipped with target vests, invisibility mode, night vision flashlight, voice-guided directions and multiplayer capabilities. Lifelike vibrations and sounds make this product a deeply immersive game for kids and bigger kids (i.e., Mom and Dad!). ($150; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Millside Industries Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh photo

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Take a Snow Wagon Ride in a Wagon Sleigh

Want a toy that will inspire playtime all year round? The Millside Industries Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh makes for a joyful winter outdoor activity, but is also perfect for playing in the summer sunshine. This Canadian-built sleigh comes with sturdy sled skis, an extra-long handle and easy-to-change tires for when it converts back to a wagon in the spring. The wagon sleigh provides old-fashioned fun with a 21st-century update the whole family can enjoy. ($148; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Fansport 5Pcs Snow Mold Toys photo

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Make Snow Sculptures with Snow Molds

Forget Michelangelo and Donatello. Those guys will have nothing on your savant snow sculptor! The Fansport 5-piece snow mold kit is another creative outdoor activity for kids with artistic inclinations. Parents can say goodbye to frightful weather and hello to these delightful snow statues, as the yard will soon be full of magical white penguins, bears, cats, elves and, of course, snowmen. ($36; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Railz Youth Recreational Snow Kick Scooter photo

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Hit the Trails on a Snow Scooter

OK, so you live hours from the nearest ski mountain. Let your kid get their winter outdoor activity speed fix with this incredible, recreational Railz snow scooter. An Amazon Choice item, this awesome outdoor toy comes in black, red or silver and gets great reviews. Complete with a quick-adjust handle bar and easy-to-fold, carry and stow away in storage, the scooter is recommended for ages 5+, with a rider weight limit of 200 lbs. Tools included, some assembly required. ($70; amazon.com)

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Best Winter Snow Day Outdoor Activities Feici Tricky Toys Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Footprints photo

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Go Snow Dino-Trekking and Make Dinosaur Footprints

Are those polar bear tracks? Bigfoot tracks? DINOSAUR tracks?! These giant, funny snow feet from Feici Tricky Toys make snow-shoeing that much wilder. Not only are they a blast for winter outdoor fun, but they're also great for the beach, making them a multi-season activity. The shoes are non-slip, making them perfect in the snow and ice, but they'll also keep your little one's feet clean at the beach so they want trail so much sand into the car and home. Plus, the neighbors will be all abuzz wondering about the mystery monster trekking through the area. Your silly, snowy secret is safe with us! ($28; amazon.com)

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