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New and great.From USA Have you heard the story of Soft Serve Ice Cream? It's a tale of excitement and derring-do that goes on a w...hirlwind chase over three continents! It involves saving recipes from the Ancient Library of Alexandria as flames licked the feet of a valiant dessert chef! Packs of armored elephants stomping through the Pyrenees for some reason! A blind mystic living in a hut in a foggy Cajun swamp who spoke only in riddles! It's likely you haven't heard that story, since it's completely fake. Soft Serve came into being at some point in the 1930s by way of one of two American businessmen who both claim the achievement. No libraries, elephants or swamps were harmed in the making of this delicious sweet treat! On the one hand, it's not much on which to base a product description. On the other, it doesn't make me feel like I've missed out on wild exploits while I'm just lounging around with my much-more-interesting, frozen, fuzzy companion! 7 squishy inches of everyday deliciousness. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only! m We offer both great items and service. read more


Let's say you're driving through the Nevada desert with a friend on a long, strange trip. Everything is going great! Then you look... over, and you realize that your trusty companion has become... very, very different! Indeed, your friend has suddenly acquired layer upon gonzo layer of mind-blowing psychedelic grooviness! First off, it's a whale! A whale in your mid-sized convertible! Second, it has a horn coming out of its head, like a unicorn...but real! Third, it isn't the kind of color you'd expect from a carpooling horned whale (whatever that may be). This one looks like a rainbow exploded! Don't worry, it isn't the sun stroke, and nobody put anything sketchy in your strudel! You've just hit the road with a Prism Narwhal! There is no better marine mammal with which to take a journey to the center of your mind! When the vastness of the universe gets you scratching your head, hug this Narwhal, and all the mysteries of this temporal plane will be rendered absolutely adorable! Due to the dyeing process, the coloring of every Squishable Prism Narwhal comes out a little bit different and may not look exactly like the fella you see here. Your Narwhal is special! 15 squishy inches of fun and loving in Las Greenland! New 2016 read more


One scoop of ice cream or two? When you weigh this momentous decision, here are some things to consider: The possibility of long-t...erm abduction by aliens who do not understand dairy products! Clumsily mistaking glue for toothpaste, rendering your jaw stuck shut! An evil genius gaining control of the global supply of vanilla beans! All of these are plausible events that could preclude future ice cream activities! Yes, let's go for that second scoop...while we still can! 15 squishy inches of carpe dessert. All new polyester fiber. New 2017 read more


"An over-dramatic actor is often referred to as a ""ham!"" With the dramatically-inclined Squishable Ham, we can see why! While hi...s parents may have wanted him to pursue a ""safer"" career in the Ham-Legal-Field, or as perhaps a Ham-Surgeon like his Uncle Ham, the Squishable Ham fell in love with the stage and never looked back! From his debut performance in Ham on a Hot Tin Roof to the musical smash-hit Hamelot, Squishable Ham's career has flourished! But his greatest role is yet to come: this season on Broadway he's set to tackle Shakespeare in the role he was born to play: you-guessed-it, MacBeth. New 2017" read more

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The cutest, most adorable kiwi you've ever seen is the perfect cuddle buddy for your little one. Style Name: Squishable Kiwi Stuff...ed Toy. Style Number: 5604110. Available in stores. read more