Papo Kids Animal Action Figures

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Product Description With its small head and long snout, this herbivorous dinosaur measured an impressive size: from 7 to 9 m long ...and up to 4 m high for a weight which could reach up to 3 tonnes. This curious quadruped lived in the late Jurassic period (approximately 150 million years ago) and is fascinating for the large plates which stood upright on its back. They could reach up to 2 m in height and it can only be supposed that they played among other things the role of a heat regulator. To defend itself, the Stegosaurus' long tail was equipped with spikes at the far end measuring up to 1 m in length. An amazing weapon for this rather slow creature!. From the Manufacturer dinosaurs are exquisite. Most have articulated jaws that show their ferocious teeth. However, the Stegosaurus does not have a jaw that opens, but it has very realistic detailing. The Stegosaurus has exquisite details and is realistic green gray in color. This is a wonderful addition to a dinosaur collection, and is great for pretend play. Mix and match with other dinosaurs read more

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The toy line features beatifully crafted figurines and animals. toys come in a wide variety of colors, all hand painted and with imagination. We carry a wide selection for hours of play. Scale 1:20 True to life modeling. Meticulously hand painted figurines. read more