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Kotobukiya's Fine Aart Statue lineup of Super Heroes and villains from MARVEL Comics continues with the Vision Fine Art Statue! Sc...ulpted by Erick Sosa, Vision stands 41 cm/16.14 inches tall in a glorious 1/6 scale. Vision floats above -- and phases through -- the remains of a destroyed building with rubble and a girder making up the character base. Display alone or alongside other classic MARVEL Fine Art Statues from Kotobukiya! read more

$74.99 $40.00

Kotobukiya ARTFX+ lineup based on popular characters from comic books and movies based on DC Comics continues to expand, this time... to bring you incarnations based on the character's television appearances. Next up is the hooded vigilante, green arrow!. read more

$56.58 $56.56

A new variant of Kotobuiya's extremely popular ARTFX+ Deadpool! Deadpool is ready to do some serious cooking with a rotten head on... a plate, an apron, chief's hat, and a frying pan!. read more

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The first (non-action figure) statue ever made of the Super sons! Kotobukiya ARTFX+ series turn to the exciting new Super sons mon...thly comic book series! following Jonathan Kent and Krypto 2 pack comes Robin & ace the bat-hound 2 pack! Robin stands ready to start some action with his loyal partner, ace by his side. Different form can be built using the included photon blaster and absorption core legs and back. Photon blaster can be displayed with different length by using the interchangeable parts. Photon blaster can be attached to the waist. read more


Direct from the blockbuster sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 , comes the now infamous Star-Lord, a.k.a. Peter Quill, and the... re-born Groot in 1:6 scale! Sculpted by Dave Cortes, Star-Lord is rendered in exacting detail in a pose brandishing his quad blasters! Caught in mid action, Star-Lord is over 12 12" tall on his included environmental base. Enjoy the flexibility of various display options through the use of additional headpieces and accessories. You can switch out his unmasked head to his helmeted head and take on and off his headphones. As an added bonus Groot appears to assist Star-Lord in his juvenile form, and can ride on his shoulder or try to keep pace alongside him! read more