Wonderful Winter Toys That Make Snow Days A Ball

Give them the best snow day ever with winter weather toys that spark their creativity, equip them for snow battles, and captivate their imaginations.


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Paricon Steel Saucer

Get ready for intense sledding with this steel saucer, which is more durable than other plastic models. Engineered for fast flying, the slick bottom slides down any snowy hill with ease, providing hours and hours of fun for your adventurous child. Plus, the bright red color makes it easier to spot your little one as they race through the snow. ($42; walmart.com)

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Surprise Sno-Buddy

Our favorite thing about this Sno-Buddy: you don't know which one you're going to get. Simply order it, and then find out if an adorable penguin or smiling snowman shows up at your door. Of course this little character is built for snow, but you can also take it to the beach for building sand creatures. Hooray for year-round fun at an affordable price! ($5; target.com)

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Arctic Force Snow Bow

For the kid who can't resist a good snowball fight, surprise them with this arctic bow. Designed specifically for snow day fun, the dual elastic bands allow your child to safely pull back, while the black nesting pouch fits their cold ammo securely in place. This toy also includes an arm rest, so you don't need to worry about it slipping from their grasp and causing injuries. ($25; kohls.com)

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If you really want to amp up their snow day, a hideaway like this sno-shelter makes a great addition to their winter toy collection. It comes with several windows, so even when they're hiding, they can spot an enemy snowball attack. The shelter comes with four easily-assembled poles, which makes it a portable piece. Keep it outside during the snowy season, and use it as an indoor campout later. ($40; toysrus.coml.com)

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Freshie Snow Scooter

Watch your child's face light up with excitement as they zip across the yard on this snow scooter. This strong toy quickly cuts through snow for speedy shredding. The front is designed with a non-slip surface, allowing it to attach to most snow boots, while the handle easily folds down to make carrying—and storing—as easy as 1,2,3.

($62; overstock.com)

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Mini Snow Markers

Perhaps one of the most brilliant snow day inventions, these snow markers provide countless of opportunities for fun. With five vibrant shades, your child and their friends can play life-size games of tic-tac-toe and create artistic masterpieces. Grab a set, and let their creativity flow. ($10; target.com)

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Freestyle Mini-Luge Snow Sled

For children 5 years and up, this mini-luge snow sled is a must. The tall handle moves effortlessly for quick, precise steering. If it starts moving too fast, your child simply needs to dig their heels into the ground and it will stop. Plus, the lightweight plastic is specially designed to navigate snowy hills, giving your youngster countless sledding memories. ($53; jet.com)

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Science Snow Kit

If you live in an area that rarely sees snow, or if your child is getting antsy for those white, fluffy flakes, break out this snow kit. From watching ice vanish to creating a blizzard, this kit comes with 11 science-based experiments that spark your child's imagination. Plus, each activity includes fun facts to help your student make real-world connections.

($21; toysrus.com)

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Inflatable Snow Tube

You don't need to travel to a ski resort to experience epic tubing. This air flyer let's you bring the fun of soaring down slopes to your home. The inflatable tube measures 60 inches in diameter, giving plenty of room for two riders. Plus, it's created with heavy-gauge PBC, so it's just as durable as it is fun. ($50; hayneedle.com)

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Sno-Brick Maker

Never discount the classics. Although the sno brick has been around since you were a child, this simple toy brings children hours of enjoyment. They can use it to create the ultimate snow fort, or simply turn your yard into a snow brick factory. The options are endless, and with that low price, you can grab one for every kid in your household. ($3; target.com)

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