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Complete your costume with the Wolverine Claws Child Halloween Accessory! These plastic claws look real but are safe! It's just th...e accessory you need for Halloween, character or historical reenactments, parties, plays, parades, family occasions and other holiday productions and festivities! read more


Sideshow Collectibles presents the Jean Grey Premium Format Figure! Expertly crafted in one quarter scale (18" H x 9" W x 12.5" L)..., the Marvel beauty strikes a signature pose wearing her dynamic skintight yellow and blue costume with circular red 'X' belt buckle, made popular during the '90s X-Men animated series and Gold Strike Team era. Radiating with cool confidence, the fiery red-head prepares to protect those she holds dear, no matter the cost. An integral member of the X-Men legacy, the Jean Grey Premium Format Figure is a must-have addition to any Marvel mutant collection! read more