Tru-Ray® Construction Paper, Standard Assorted, 18" x 24", 50 Sheets

Tru-Ray® 10 Standard Assorted Colors Construction Paper, 18? x 24?, 50 Sheets50 sheets, 5 sheets per colorWide array of colors including: white, orange, light yellow, festive green, pink, blue, sky blue, warm brown, black and holiday redHeavyweight for durable crafting Groundwood construction paper100% vat-dyed colored pagesMade from 50% recycled fiber contentComposition: groundwood processed fiberAcid free and recyclableResists fading for bright, longer-lasting colntComposition: groundwood processed fiberAcid free and recyclableResists fading for bright, longer-lasting colorDurable and soft: Tough enough to handle scoring, folding and curling without cracking and tearingDesigned for teachers, students, and artists#1 Teacher PreferredGreat for elementary, middle & high school large group useCertified by the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeAlso available in bulk pack  Teacher craft ideas and projects can be found at: ways to get better at painting:1. Buy better art suppliesPremium art supplies can be just the kick-start you need to get your creative juices flowing.2. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICEImprove your drawing skills. Draw every day. Keep a sketchbook and use it daily.3. Study the expertsTake workshops. Watch how-to videos. Read art books. Visit art galleries. Join an art club. Subscribe to an art magazine. Look up art sites on the Internet. Take a life drawing class. Copy an old master work for study. Explore art movements in history. Read biographies of other artists.4. Make use of composition and design Design your composition before painting. Plan a color scheme. Plan and use a value pattern. Use thumbnail sketches. Make sure to include a center of interest. Obey the laws of perspective in realistic landscapes. Take the image all the way to the edge of the paper. Use thick and thin and broken lines. Make more gradation. Make no two shapes the same!5. Improve your technique Layer paint. Change colors every inch. Use economy of brush strokes. Add interesting shadows. Leave some white paper for sparkle. Observe light and shadow.Looking for more art & craft tips, trick and ideas? Let's connect! - paconcorpPinterest - PaconYoutube - PaconCorporation Use with other Pacon® products: KolorFast® TissueFadeless® Bulletin Board PaperFadeless® Bulletin Board Trim Bordette® Decorative BordersCreativity Street®- Craft Basics, Glue, Scissors etc.Classroom Keeper® Storage and Organization ProductsGoWrite® Dry Erase ProductsSpectra® GlitterSpectra® Bleeding Art TissueArt1st® Art PapersArt Kraft® Duo-Finish Kraft PaperCorobuff® Corrugated PaperTrait-tex® Yarn read more