TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Backpack Diaper Bag, Olive

When you carry a TWELVElittle bag, people won’t even know it’s meant to be a diaper bag—they’ll simply wonder where you found such a stylish bag. It’s no wonder these bags are so fashionable though, because the friends that started the company both studied design and worked at fashion companies before making such trendsetting bags that both men and women love. For TWELVElittle, quality and function are just as important as style, and it shows. These bags are made ofe. For TWELVElittle, quality and function are just as important as style, and it shows. These bags are made of high quality materials like genuine leather and water-resistant fabric, ensuring that they’re durable enough for the daily use you’re sure to put them through. That quality means you don’t need to replace your diaper bag so often; in fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if the TWELVElittle bag you choose lasts well into your baby’s toddlerhood. TWELVElittle knows that babies need an endless supply of items to keep them safe and happy, so their diaper bags are not only generous sized, but they’re cleverly designed, as well. Never again will you be juggling a crying baby and trying to figure out where you stashed that last bottle or that favorite toy. From the multitude of pockets that keep small items like pacifiers easily at hand, to the insulated bottle holders that keep milk or formula at just the right temperature, these bags keep everything you need for your little one in easy reach. And that unexpected cloth diaper change or those suddenly messy clothes? These bags have a hidden pocket just for things you’d rather not mingle with the rest of the contents of the bag, which can be a real lifesaver when you’re not close to home. When it comes to function it’s difficult to find bags that do more than these TWELEVElittle diaper bags—whether it’s the Unisex 3-in-1 Foldover Tote that can be carried three different ways with just one strap or the Unisex Courage Backpack that even has a sleeve for your laptop, these bags do everything you think a diaper bag should…and then some. read more