Twilight's Fancy

Twilight's Fancy Artisan 10mm (3/8") Gunmetal Ribbon Choker or Bracelet Findings Kit

In this kit:Enough findings to make 3 chokers, bracelets or ankletsGunmetal Finish3 7x12mm lobster clasps3 80mm extension chains9 4mm open jump rings6 Twilight's Fancy Artisan Series ribbon clamps:~ 10mm (3/8") wide~ about 8mm from the back of the V to the teeth~ about 4mm opening between the sides with teeth~ about 2mm loopNot included, but necessary to make your chokers, bracelets or anklets:The ribbon, trim, lace, leather, vinyl or fabric you'd like to use.Plierse your chokers, bracelets or anklets:The ribbon, trim, lace, leather, vinyl or fabric you'd like to use.Pliers for closing the ribbon clamps and assembling the other findings.To make a choker or bracelet, first seat your ribbon all the way back in the ribbon clamp and then close the V-shape down with nylon jaw or flat pliers so that the teeth get a good, tight grab on your ribbon.Once you have clamps on both ends of your ribbon, close a jump ring through the loop of one clamp and the unfinished end of the extension chain. Next, close a jump ring through the loop on a clasp and then close the last jump ring through the one on the clasp and the remaining loop on the other end of your ribbon.To find out what size of ribbon crimp you need, measure the material you'd like to use. Twilight's Fancy ribbon clamps come in 12 different sizes:6mm (1/4")10mm (3/8")13mm (1/2")16mm (5/8")20mm (3/4")22mm (7/8")25mm (1")30mm (1 3/16")35mm (1 3/8")38mm (1 1/2")40mm (1 9/16")50mm (2")However, if your ribbon is wider than the clamp, you can fold the edges and iron them flat so they go into the clamp nice and clean because if the corners hang out of the clamp, they might fray. If you're using leather that's too thick, remove some of the thickness on the backside where it goes into the clamp. If finishing a beaded bracelet or choker, sometimes a little glue is helpful and perhaps sanding down the teeth a little so as not to break your threads when closing the clamp.Most importantly, have fun. Jewelry making is excellent for showcasing your creativity as well as creating a piece that matches your favorite outfit. You can also make read more