Ulubulu Baby Teether Silicone Bass Knuckles with Holder/Boy Pacifier Clip/Teether Holder Combo

Keep your baby's pacifier close at hand and off the floor with this stylish Pacifier Clip by Ulubulu. These Danish designed pacifier clips are super cute and have a universal loop attachment that keeps your favorite brand of pacifier with your baby. Each pacifier clip has a personalized name field on the back to keep things straight at daycare or the park. Just write a name with a ball point pen or sharpie. These pacifier clips have premium stitching and are made frust write a name with a ball point pen or sharpie. These pacifier clips have premium stitching and are made from durable material that is hand washable. The metal clip makes sure that your pacifiers are securely fastened for any journey and the plastic jaws ensure that your favorite baby clothes won't get damaged. Teething has never been cooler. These silicone medical grade teethers are the newest addition to our product line. With the Expression Teethers you can stay on top of the latest trends while letting your baby be cool and safe. Apart from being the cutest teethers out there, each one has a unique design, with different textures and shapes for a better chewing foundation. When babies start to teethe it can often cause pain and unpleasant itching. This Ulubulu teether helps soothe teething pain and provides a chewing foundation for healthy gums and teeth. Different silicone surface textures gently massage the gums as well as stimulate the child's play instinct and sense of touch. The teether features varying densities for a wide range of biting experiences and feelings. Long elements are designed to reach the back teeth without posing a choking hazard. The design of our teether features an ergonomic shape that's easy to grasp. The extra light materials make it comfortable to hold. Warning: Check the teether prior to each use. Tested for safety, these CPSIA compliant teethers meet all US and EU safety standards. Made from BPA-free medical grade silicone with no lead or phthalates. Made in USA. This set includes 1 Expression Teether and 3 Pacifier Clips read more