VBESTLIFE 4 Replaceable Heads Blackhead Vacuum Removal Pore Acne Suction Cleanser Facial Care Purple Acne Suction Removal Pore Cleaner

Description: Thisis a mutifunction suction machine which can absorb blackhead, acne,mites, dirt etc on the face and clean facial skin. It adopts vacuumsuction technology providing strong absorption of 40kpa power to achievethe best suction result. As it's designed to treat different skinproblems, we equip with four suction heads with different functions onwhich is suitable for all skin types. Easy operation, useful andpiratical, you worth buying.Features:ABS materiaich is suitable for all skin types. Easy operation, useful andpiratical, you worth buying.Features:ABS material is non-toxic, hygienic and assured to use.Vacuum suction, 40kpa power provides strong absorption for effective blackhead, acne, oil suction and no harm to skin.Particular design of suction heads for eliminating blackhead and grease on the dead angles easily.3 levels adjustable suction make it suitable for solving different skin problems.Equipped with four suction heads with different functions to clean your facial skin.Streamline body, lightweight, easy to hold and convenient to use. You can feel free to charge the device anytime anywhere with USB charging cable.Specifications: Material: ABS Gear: 3 Levels(High, Medium, Low) Power Way: USB Charging Color: Purple, Grey(Optional) Package Weight: Approx. 254g Item Type: Blackhead Suction Removal Function: Leading out and removing blackhead, acne, mites, dirt etc.Instruction Of Different Heads: Artificial Probe Head: Skincare. Features absorption ability and activation ability on the surfacewhich can provide skin better massage under the circumstance no harm toskin, as a result getting the effect of removing dead skin, cutin andcleansing skin. Big Circular Hole Head:Blackhead removal. With strong suction, it can remove blackhead, acneon the T zone and face effectively. Slow moving when sucking and stay nomore than 2 seconds on the same place in case of redness skin occurs. Small Circular Hole Head: Suction is weak, which can be assisted to remove blackhead where the big head can not reach for cleaner and thorough cleaning. Oval Hole Head: Firmingskin, removing fine wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity. Oval shape,looks like iron. Through the soft short repeated suction can firm andlift the skin mildly to enhance the vitality, increase elasticity andeliminate fine lines. read more