Velour Lashes

Velour Lashes Eyeshape Lash Kit Hooded

A collection of faux lash kits that are designed with your unique eye shape in mind. With a unique lash for day and night in each set, the Velour Silk Eye Shape Sets are designed to help you find the perfect lashes for the five most common eye shapes: almond, monolid, deepset, hooded, and round. The Eyeshape Collection features a range of natural and three-dimensional, lash designs that are made on ultra-thin, cotton-thread bands for the most comfortable and lightweimensional, lash designs that are made on ultra-thin, cotton-thread bands for the most comfortable and lightweight wear. This set contains: - Eyeshape Set It is formulated Without: - Parabens - Sulfates - Phthalates Velour Silk Lashes spent years designing the perfect lash with help and feedback from its clients decided to make some changes to their lash band. Its updated, cotton fiber band is thinner, lighter, and more flexible, making even the most dramatic lash styles feel weightless. The elevated quality and design of the band makes application easy, and ensures the perfect fit. Choose a set (sold separately) that best suits your eye shape. Each set includes with a natural-and full-lash style to take you from day to night: Almond Eye Shape Set: For eyes that are cat-like and have a natural lift at the outer corners. Accentuate your eyes with the daytime lash Fluff'n Edgy, and then wear the Fluff'n Whispie for nighttime looks. Monolid Eye Shape Set: For eyes that have a less defined brow and absent eye crease. Ideal for monolids, this set will help open and bring your eyes forward. Wear Trust Me, Try It lashes for a natural lash and Fluff'n Dolled Up for a glamorous look. Deepset Eye Shape Set: For deepset eyes that have a prominent browbone and lay deeper in the socket, this set brings your eyes forward with Another Shot of Whispie lashes for daytime looks. Then add extra volume for evening looks with Fluff'n Thick. Hooded Eye Shape Set: For hooded eyes, which have ample eyelids and an accentuated crease. Round out your eye shape with Momma Knows Best for a natural lash and Strut It for a voluminous look. R read more