Venture Shuffleboard

Classic Shuffleboard Table by Venture Games, 14

A superior quality shuffleboard table for your home or business, the Classic Shuffleboard Table is a professional quality competitive shuffleboard table with a 20" wide playing surface and many size options available to accommodate limited or otherwise valuable amounts of space.Made in the USA from top-grade hard wood, with a Venture signature laminate, the cabinet of the Classic Shuffleboard Table is built to serve and prove you with countless unforgettable games acabinet of the Classic Shuffleboard Table is built to serve and prove you with countless unforgettable games and experiences around your shuffleboard table in your game room or social area. A traditional 1-2-3 scoring set up, the Classic Shuffleboard Table made by Venture Shuffleboard is a minimalist and truly classic vintage table with an intuitive and natural game style to flatter the atmosphere of any type of room.12', 14', 16', 18', 20', and 22' variations give you the options to fit any amount of free space you have do keep in mind to incorporate a few feet of space on either end and space to comfortably walk around your table on each side. Deep table gutters on the sides give you the safe catch of your puck or weight on every shot; a frequency that will hopefully decrease the better you get at the game.Whether for beginners or experts; this Classic Shuffleboard accommodates any level of play, with a heavy duty construction and intuitive design scaled from professional, competition table size to give you the exact same feel and play of the game with a smaller length. Climatic adjusters allow you to adjust the table to a balanced and flat position as humidity and temperature change brought by changing seasons and varying climates temporarily warps the wood, which can happen with fine quality tempered wood items. FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS:*Shipping Dimensions: 184” L X 24” W X 40” H, Weight: 700 lbs*Traditional 1-2-3 scoring*3" thick by 20" wide playing surface, coated with Venture Shuffleboard's exclusive hard clear synthetic lacquer*Table gutters are tongued and grooved into frame for maximum strength*Cabinet is constructed of plywood with a high density laminate covering for maximum stability and durability*Climatic adjusters tailor the play to your geographic location and time of year*3 or 5 wooden pedestal legs with threaded rubber-padded levelers that are easily adjusted with a standard wrench*Includes: weights (pucks), Triple Crown Yellow Ice wax and Maintenance Kit, rules and how to play' information*One year manufacturer's warranty covers parts and labor for cabinet*Lifetime Warranty on playfield and finish*Proudly made in the USA*FREE SHIPPING*All questions welcome and encouraged!Thank You! read more