WAYTON, 10" Meduim Plush Tight top Memory Foam Gel Faom Mattress And 4" Split Wood Traditional Box Spring/Foundation Set With Frame, No Assembly Required, Good For The Back, Full XL Size 79" x 53"

Does it seem like you spend more time tossing and turning than you do enjoying a good night's sleep? Do you wake up to back pain and stiffness that interfere with your day? You don't have to resign yourself to these problems!     "WAYTON" Mattress is what you are looking for! With the Firm 10-inch Medium Plush Innerspring Tight Top Foam Mattress and 4" Wood Split Box Spring with Frame, you can improve your sleep and wake up feeling better every day. The 10" InnersprSplit Box Spring with Frame, you can improve your sleep and wake up feeling better every day. The 10" Innerspring Mattress gives you Innerspring support to promote a healthy spin. Engineered to eliminate pressure points, this mattress helps you feel more comfortable from the moment you lie down. What makes the 10" Innerspring Innerspring Mattress and Box Spring Set so effective at improving sleep? The answer lies in our quality craftsmanship. Each mattress and box spring is made in accordance with the strictest of quality standards and is uniquely engineered with: 357 innerspring verticoil unit, with 10 3/4 SH gauge unit and 6 gauge border, our innerspring system is ultra-strong, and it's engineered to provide optimal support. See what a difference the right mattress and box spring can make! You can improve your sleep and wake up feeling better every day. READY FOR THE ROOM Set includes both a mattress and box spring, giving you the key components for the bed for one great priceTHE PERFECT LEVEL OF SUPPORT, the right top mattress is firm but still has some give for your comfort.Has anti-microbial fibers and layers of Firm comfort foam in the pillow top for a healthier and luxurious sleeping surface. Brushed Micro Fiber with a Conteporary Angled Border Design insert Fabric Mattress has handles on sides for easy transportOPTIMAL BACK SUPPORT Innerspring mattress it reduces back pain by supporting every inch of your spinePROVIDES QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON. We manufacture our bedding sets only in accordance with strict quality standardsHeavy duty, Will last long and no squeaking sound.The Wood Split Box spring is 4 inches highIncludes sturdy frameAvailable in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King and California King "WE GUARANTEE IT AND SO DO OUR CUSTOMERS." So what are you waiting for? Click on the Buy button to order your Mattress now! read more