Totally Awkward Family Pet Photos

by Alina Soler

Totally Awkward Family Pet Photos

Families showcase their very special (and strange) bond with their animals in these funny pet pictures.

They really, really worship their dog.

“Isn’t my new pet so stinkin’ cute?”

They never seem to agree on weapons of choice.

“He’s my best wingman.” 

The proudest puppy owners…ever.

Kittens: the best pocket protectors. 

These two just can’t keep their paws off each other.

Pucker up, possum! 

Santa is trading in reindeer for puppies this year. 

Welcome to Doggie Dye-Care! 

Steve and his rooster are total chick magnets. 

We hope that baby monkey came with diapers.

Hoppy holidays!

Not exactly the pony they were hoping for…

“Please don’t put me in that gift box.”

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