Save Big on the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner During Walmart’s The Big Save Sale

by Collier Sutter

Save Big on the Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner During Walmart’s The Big Save Sale

Whether you have a toddler rolling around on your carpets or just love the feeling of your house in tip-top shape, having a quality vacuum on-hand is essential. Shopping for one that gets the job done is often a hit to your wallet, but luckily Walmart is offering crazy discounts on a bunch of items for their “The Big Save” sale. We dug through the site and are highlighting the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner deal. The powerful and affordable model is currently marked down to $99.99 from $149.00.


If cleaning has been a lifelong struggle because your allergies act up at the sight of kicked up dust, this Shark Navigator will be your allergen-removing best friend. It’s equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter and anti-allergy one-way seal, to keep dust, pollen and other allergens inside the vacuum and out from the air.


Of the 2,000 reviews on Walmart, many were enthusiastic on the vacuum’s stellar suction feature, too, and how well it tackles carpets.


Reviewers wrote:


“I bought this vacuum for the no loss of suction feature. I have been using a pretty expensive vacuum to clean my floors and thought it was doing a good job. At least, the canister always had a little tornado shaped dirt pile in it that lead me believe so. I did a before and after vacuum job with my old vac and the Shark and then compared the dirt piles. OH MY GOSH I was disgusted. I thought I kept a clean house but look at what I had been missing with my old vacuum this whole time! The piles on the left are from my old vacuum and the right is what the Shark picked up right after it. There is a quarter in the middle for scale. I have used my Shark about 7 times now and each time the dirt pile has been significantly smaller. The suction stays strong the whole time. Now that it has caught up on what my old vac was missing, I am just doing regular vacuuming. Another great thing about this vacuum is that my carpet fibers stand up again like new. No more matted down carpet.”


“I pride myself on having a clean house! I’m a bit of a neat freak and I thought I kept a Clean house until I used this vacuum!! I have an 18 month old baby girl and a 7 year old Yorkie (who doesn’t shed but still makes messes). I was mortified when I saw everything that this vacuum sucked up from my carpet !! And that was after just running my old vacuum 2 days prior! This vacuum has great suction and is pretty lightweight. I have problems with my wrists so this is important for me. This is an amazing product, especially for the price. I have used vacuums that are way more expensive and this one works better!”


If you didn’t get what you wanted out of Amazon Prime Day, don’t sleep on this deal!