Scrapbook: Kids with Pets

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Scrapbook: Kids with Pets

Parenting readers sent us their favorite photos of their kids and pets together.

Kyle (13 months) with his pet rabbit Hunny Bunny

Sophia Frank with her cat Hank

Tyler with his favorite dog Bo

Shannon and Kristen Wolfe (7 and 4 years) with their cat Sammy

Madison with her dog, Kaylie

Tae with his family cat Scamp

Nathaniel Dotts (1 year) with his dog Ben

Sydney (2 years) and her dog Bear watching TV together

Will & Jackson Blakely photographed napping together by Mom, Laura Blakely.

Luka (8 months) with her Chinese Pug, Mr. Cheeks

Grace (23 months) with her 3 month old kitten Twenty

Peter (2 years) takes a “time out” with his 4-month old puppy Wellington

Ilee (4 years) with her family dog Mort

Ryann (2 years) with his great dane Jezabelle

Ian (6 months) with his dog Nikki

Jade with her favorite cat Tigger

Kaitlynn Pickett (9 months) waiting with her dog Delilah for the bath to fill up

Jordan with his dog Bently

Tae with his dog Luna

Jordyn Powell (18 months) with his dog Diesel

Kaitlynn (1 year) playing ball with her dog Samson

Carly (2 months) with her two-year-old puppy, Toby

Daniel (18 months) with his dog Medo

Carley (6 years) playing with her cat Lady

Eva (3 years) with her cat Patrick

Drew with his dog Winston

Gavin Call (4 years) with his dog Toby

Gavin (3 months) with the family cat Twenty

Andrew (16 months) with his family dog

Anna Lopacinski (21 months) challenges her ‘sister’ Romy to a game of puzzles

Carisa (3 years) playing with her dog Reggie