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Tested by Moms: Eco-Friendly Diapers


gDiapers flushable diapers ($27 for two covers and ten inserts; gdiapers.comSeventh Generation chlorine-free diapers ($14.50 for 22 to 44; diapers.comNature Babycare chlorine-free biodegradable diapers ($12 for 22 to 44; diapers.comFizziBunz cloth diapers ($12 for 22 to 44; fuzzibunz.combumGenius one-size cloth diapers (($18 for one; cottonbabies.comEarth's Best TenderCare chlorine-free diapers ($13 for 34 to 42;


"Swishing and flushing two pieces separately in the toilet was time-consuming.""They were softer than other disposables, but not as wide, so we had some leaking.""We loved these, and feel like they're the best option for the environment while still being convenient.""We had some morning leakage at first, but I wrapped a burp cloth around the insert and the problem was solved.""They were pretty easy once you got the hang of the inserts. And diaper rash disappeared after just a few days!""No poop leaks! By switching to these I might save money in laundry stain-fighters!"


No. "Maybe if I had only one child and was a stay-at-home mom."Not yet. "I'm interested in trying out some other eco-friendly options first."During the day. "We found they weren't absorbent enough for nighttime."Yes. "I'm a convert. It's more work, but it's worth it for my baby and the environment."Yes. "The only exception may be when we travel."Definitely. "We loved them."