After Vacation: The Broken Sleep Routine

by Hilary Locker Fussteig

After Vacation: The Broken Sleep Routine

When the Macri family of Centreville, VA, took a weeklong trip, 20-month-old Zander shared a bed with his parents. Back home, he threw a fit at bedtime and climbed out of his crib for the first time.

Since many hotel rooms  — and friends’ houses you might visit  — don’t have a separate space for a baby, lots of families share a room or a bed on vacation. It’s easy for a toddler to get used to it! Some ways to smooth the transition back:

Offer extra TLC As you tuck him in (with a lovey, if he has one), tell your toddler he’ll be fine sleeping in his own bed, just like before. Add, “If you need me, call me and I’ll come in.” If he cries for you later, go in, pat him, and reassure him. Sit where you can touch him if you need to, staying there until he starts to doze off.

Be patient Just like adults, kids need two or three days to readjust to post-vacation life. By the time you’re back into your routine, your toddler likely will be, too.