Why I Wrote the Baby & Toddler on the Go Cookbook

by Kim Laidlaw

Why I Wrote the Baby & Toddler on the Go Cookbook

Cookbook author and mom Kim Laidlaw on why she wrote the Baby & Toddler On the Go cookbook.


Cookbook author and mom Kim Laidlaw on why she wrote the Baby & Toddler On the Go cookbook. Plus: Enter to win a copy in a prize pack giveaway!


I love to cook and bake, so it was natural for me to want to cook healthy, homemade foods for my daughter—despite being an exhausted working mom! I felt like it was worth setting aside a few hours on the weekend (or an hour in the evenings) to make batches of food that I could refrigerate or freeze and use throughout the week. To me, making homemade food for my daughter is a gift that I can give her, to teach her how to eat healthy and to be an adventurous eater.


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The book, Baby & Toddler On the Go, actually coincided with me starting to feed my daughter solid foods, so we learned together as I was developing recipes. She has tried everything, and more, that has gone into this book (so has my husband). And I also couldn’t have done it without my dear friends and their hungry little babies and toddlers helping along the way, testing recipes, tasting the results, and giving me loads of feedback.


I was the managing editor on the bestselling Baby & Toddler Cookbook (as well as being a long-time cook and a professional baker), which is an amazing book, and gave me a great starting point. But we seem to always be going somewhere, whether it’s to the park or a café or someone’s house, or packing snacks and lunch for daycare, or flying to see grandparents—so this book makes an excellent companion with lots of ideas for healthy and easily transportable food as well as tips on how to take it along. And while you can pretty much use standard kitchen equipment to make any type of puree for your baby, the Béaba makes quick work of steam cooking, blending and reheating fresh ingredients. So if time (and lack of energy) is a concern, it’s a great tool for cooking homemade baby food.


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I just hope that this book inspires parents to cook for their growing babies and toddlers, even if they feel too busy and over-tired, because it is not only cost-effective, but truly rewarding.