Best Clothes for Toddler Boys

by Melissa Willets

Best Clothes for Toddler Boys
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Bring out the cap and gown! Your little guy has officially graduated from babyhood to toddlerdom. Along with new physical and cognitive feats he’s accomplishing in this exciting, messy, exhausting phase comes a new wardrobe. Goodbye bottle-feeding and onesies, hello sippy cups and real shirts! Now is the time you’ll look to fill out his dresser with big boy clothes. Then watch him unceremoniously pull every item you just folded up out of the drawers and gleefully throw them in a big pile.



Best Short-Sleeve Shirts For Toddlers:





Best Long-Sleeve Shirts For Toddler Boys:





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Meanwhile, although it’s emotional packing up your son’s baby clothes (waaahhh!), rest assured there are so many cute toddler boy clothes to explore. From “aww”-inducing jeans and joggers, to long- and short-sleeve shirts you don’t have to worry about mis-snapping at the crotch, get pumped about selecting clothing items for your growing, active, curious (did we mention active?) big boy.


Types of Toddler Boy Clothes


        • Short-sleeve Shirts

Toddlers will typically abandon the onesie and go for a pullover-style shirt, just like Dad. Short-sleeve shirts will be staples both seasonally and for layering all year.


        • Long-sleeve Shirts

For chillier months, you guessed it, he’ll need long-sleeve-style shirts instead of long-sleeve onesies. Bonus: He can easily show you his belly button!


        • Jeans

Yup, they make jeans this small. Adorable style choices ahead!


        • Joggers

These comfortable pants will be your go-to. Featuring an elastic waistband, joggers allow toddlers to move easily, whether they’re still crawling or have moved on to walking. Or running. Away from you. Quickly. OK, go after them!


        • Shorts

For warmer months, let your little bare his deliciously-chubby knees in shorts.


What to Look for When Buying Toddler Boy Clothes


The best toddler boy clothes will be durable to withstand the rough way your little guy may tend to play (inside, in the dirt, on the sidewalk — “No, no! That’s the road!”). Think about what types of activities fill out a typical day. Are you two playground-bound most afternoons? Comfy joggers and T-shirts will be your go-to staples. If he’s visiting Grandma, a cute pair of jeans will have her reaching for her phone to take a pic (to share on Facebook with all her friends). Look for clothing features that make sense for this stage: an adjustable waist, reinforced knees, and pieces you can pull on and off easily for potty training and to avoid any potential temper tantrums. Finally, have fun! Consider your sweet guy’s personality, and browse these top options.


Best Short-Sleeve Shirts for Toddlers

Image Credits: Target

Dr. Seuss 'Oh! The Places You'll Go!' Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Aww, it’s so exciting to think about the places your little guy will go someday — to the moon? to the White House? Oh, and right now — he’s running out the door! Maybe in this cute, affordable Target tee inspired by iconic author Dr. Seuss!

Image Credits: Amazon

Simple Joys by Carter


As you probably know, Carter’s is a great brand for cute toddler boy clothes. A 3-pack of graphic tees, featuring everything from classic stripes to fun prints from dinos to rhinos, will last you until at least lunchtime.

Image Credits: Gap

Gap Pocket Polo T-Shirt


For a dressier style, how cute will your mini-man look in a collared, striped polo? This Gap polo shirt should be a staple for a family dinner out. If you dare! Available in multiple colors, including a springlike lilac and summery surf spray.

Image Credits: Old Navy

Old Navy Printed Crew-Neck Tee


Featuring themes from sharks to bananas, these soft, printed Old Navy tees are priced right, and perfect for play. Better yet grab a few and pack them for a summer vacation or warm weather getaway.

Image Credits: Walmart

Captain America Short Sleeve Tee


When it comes to toddler boy clothes, Walmart’s prices mean you can stock up on graphic tees, like this shirt that literally lets your little guy be the hero! The front of the tee features the body of Marvel hero Captain America wielding his shield as he prepares for battle.

Best Long-Sleeve Shirts for Toddler Boys

Image Credits: Macy

Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid Cotton Poplin


How cute is it to see your toddler dressing up like a big boy? This button-down shirt pairs perfectly with a tee underneath. You know, for when he spills his milk all over it, and you have to quickly toss it in the washing machine.

Image Credits: Amazon

Simple Joys by Carter’s 3-Pack Thermal Long-Sleeve Shirts


For everyday play, these comfy, toasty-warm thermals from Carter’s are easy to pull over his head as he runs down the hallway. No need to worry about him catching a chill as he races away.

Image Credits: Gap

Gap Graphic Long-Sleeve Shirt


Buy ‘em in bulk. These soft-knit, adorable graphic tees featuring monsters, bears and spaceships are perfect for your toddler guy to wear while taking on the world each and every day. Our favorite part? Both shirt styles feature flaps that lift to reveal fun surprises!

Image Credits: Target

Cat & Jack Long-Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt


Target, we thank you. Because these inexpensive long-sleeve tees match with anything, so they are a comfy no-brainer in the morning. And that comes in especially handy when we haven’t had our coffee yet

Image Credits: Old Navy

Old Navy Graphic Raglan Pullover Hoodie


This trendy layering piece has a summery look but is perfect for a chilly morning or evening with your tot. Just be sure to check the pocket after wear. Warning: Who knows what you’ll find in there?!

Best Jeans for Toddler Boys

Image Credits: Amazon

The Children’s Place Pull-on Jeans


These are the top-selling jeans for toddler boys on Amazon. Pull-on jeans are genius for potty training. Um, and for pulling off. In public. Oh well. But parents love the quality and the fit, so you really can’t go wrong if you purchase them for your little guy.

Image Credits: Gap

Slim Fit Jeans in Stretch


Another pull-on favorite of toddler parents are these easy-to-move-in, lightly faded jeans from Gap. Parents praise the stretchy material, drawstring waistband and true-to-size fit, not to mention how cute they look on little behinds!

Image Credits: Old Navy

Old Navy Relaxed Jersey-Waist Pull-On Jeans


If you want your toddler to get in on the ripped-denim trend, try this still-functional style at Old Navy. How smart is the jersey-waist with drawstring (that’s a faux fly on the front)? Can you say “easy”? Well, of course you can, but how about your little guy?

Image Credits: Kohl

OshKosh B’Gosh Core Straight Jeans


Another way to go is the inner adjustable waistband, which allows you to customize the fit to your son’s size. Parents praise this style for the quality, comfort and cuteness factor! The jeans are especially ideal for boys who are thin or toll.

Image Credits: Target

Cat & Jack Pull-On Skinny Jeans


When it comes to toddler boy clothes, Target jeans win in the affordability category. ‘Cuz toddlers grow fast. And spill stuff. And write on themselves. And get dirty. We especially love this style because they look so cool when cuffed.

Best Joggers for Toddler Boys

Image Credits: Gap

Gap Pull-On Joggers


Available in multiple colors, including light marble grey and a vibrant modern red, these soft, easy-to-wrangle-your-kiddos-into joggers should be a toddler wardrobe staple. Besides a drawstring waist, they also feature side seam pockets plus a patch pocket on the back.

Image Credits: Old Navy

Old Navy Critter-Graphic Joggers


Isn’t it awesome when kids dress like kids? Let ‘em be little in these adorable joggers that feature sharks and robot faces on the knees. Uhm, do they come in adult sizes? We’re asking for a friend.

Image Credits: Walmart

Garanimals Knit Retro-Stripe Joggers 2-pack


Walmart, we so appreciate these affordable yet adorable joggers for our very active, very destructive, very messy, growing-like-weeds-but-they-constantly-inhale-Cheerios toddlers. The athletic stripe down the sides lend a cool, retro vibe.

Image Credits: Macy

Ralph Lauren Double-Knit Joggers


He’ll be stylin’ in these designer Ralph Lauren joggers (did someone say “gift from Grandma,” maybe?) that will also keep him warm while he destroys your house, er, plays.

Image Credits: Amazon

Simple Joys by Carter’s 2-Pack Athletic Knit Joggers


Parents say these Carter’s sweats — which read “Little Champion” near the thigh — aren’t super-heavy, so they are comfortable and easy to wear when you’re 1 or 2 years old and looking to play hard! Then, hopefully nap!

Best Shorts for Toddler Boys

Image Credits: Amazon

Simple Joys by Carter’s 3-Pack Mesh Shorts


The Carter’s shorts are a so-needed staple for easy wear and play. And so, so cute on your aspiring athlete. He’s totally training right now by climbing up onto the kitchen counter.

Image Credits: Gap

Gap Pull-On Shorts in Linen


We are loving these cute, lightweight pull-on shorts that are absolutely perfect for summer. In fact, they come in vibrant yellow and heatwave orange colors that were just made for your family vacation at the shore.

Image Credits: Old Navy

Old Navy Dry Quick Functional Drawstring Shorts


Genius! Shorts that dry after your son runs into the sprinkler, or gets in the tub with his clothes on. It happens! These are game changers and available in multiple colors, including arugula. Yes, arugula.

Image Credits: Target

Cat & Jack 2-Pack French Terry Play Pull-On Shorts


Easy to put on? Check. Cute? Check. Priced reasonably? Double check. Now click to buy these long-lasting cotton terry shorts that are perfect for mixing and matching.

Image Credits: Amazon

The Children’s Place Chino Short


These top-selling shorts for toddler boys feature an adjustable waist, and are parents faves for their quality and fit. “I like the colors and you can't beat the price!” says one reviewer. We couldn’t agree more!