End Mealtime Mayhem!

by admin

End Mealtime Mayhem!

Tired of cooking the same old meals, day in and day out? Try one of these recipes tonight, compiled by the editors of Babytalk. They’ll jazz up your dinner table  — and stave off mealtime mayhem (at least this week!).

530 Challenge

Short on time? Three tasty recipes that’ll be ready in a flash:

[TOUT_ARROW_LINK {,19840,1624038,00.html} {Steamed Salmon and Rainbow Vegetables}]

[TOUT_ARROW_LINK {,19840,1624058,00.html} {Crunchy “Oven-Fried” Chicken}]

[TOUT_ARROW_LINK {,19840,1624065,00.html} {World’s Easiest Homemade Lasagna}]

Cooking Club

This dish is so easy to prepare, it might become your go-to dinner staple:

[TOUT_ARROW_LINK {,19840,1624068,00.html} {The Easiest Apricot Chicken}]

Evie Organics

Tasty poultry dishes that are big on flavor and low on prep:

[TOUT_ARROW_LINK {,19840,1624103,00.html} {Chicken Eden Isle}]

[TOUT_ARROW_LINK {,19840,1624121,00.html} {Chicken & Wild Rice}]