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Cool Sippy Cups for Your Tots

  • Art Deco drinking

    This streamlined sippy cup from Boon looks more like a piece of art than a drinking device. Aptly called the Fluid, this 9-ounce designer cup will be the envy at the playground and at your next playdate. Its rounded shape and indented center make it easy for kids to hold and show off at the same time. ($7.49;

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  • Sippy cups in a snap

    The clever people who came up with this universal sippy cup top deserve a prize. This ingenious SipSnap cap turns any existing cup you have into a sippy for toddlers. There's also have a straw version. It's so smar —— and one of those things you wish you had thought of first. ($21 for three;

  • Just like mom and dad's

    Shhh, don't tell your toddler that the Explora from Tommee Tippee is a sippy cup, because he probably thinks it's a sports water bottle just like the one you use. The cute designs are hard to resist, and the internal valve system ensures a truly no-spill experience. These 12-ounce cups are perfect to quench thirst after any activity. ($12.95 for a pack of two;

  • Green is good

    These cute 6-ounce sippy cups from Green Sprouts are a great way for baby to get her drink on. The hard spout flips up when she's ready to drink and back down when you're ready to throw it in your diaper bag. No missing caps to locate, which is always a bonus. ($8;

  • Momma knows best

    If your baby started out using Lansinoh momma bottles, he'll be so comfortable easing into the Lansinoh sippy cup. With its unique shape, kids will love holding the cup with or without the handles. The silicone spout only opens when the child drinks, so no spills here. ($15;

  • It's a bird, it's a...cup

    Anything resembling an animal scores big points with toddlers, and these adorable 10-ounce Lollaland sippy straw cups are no exception. The flip-top lid ensures the straw stays clean, and there's no valve, which makes sipping nice and easy. ($16; lollaland or amazon)

  • Grippable glass

    If you're concerned about plastic, Siliskin offers a neat silicone-encased 8-ounce glass cup for your little one. The soft spout is comfortable in baby's mouth, and the grippable sides make it easy to hold. Just keep an extra eye out when your toddler is bumbling around with it; it's still glass, after all. ($12.95;

  • Playing it cool

    This insulated stainless-steel sippy cup by Thermos is great for hot summer days when you're out and about and don't want to give your kid warm water to drink. The 7-ounce Foogo keeps cold liquids cold and is sweat-proof, which is more than can be said for your toddler. ($16.99;

  • Pedal to the metal

    Since we're on the stainless theme, the Pura Kiki is another great alternative to plastic. With a generous 11-ounce capacity, this is a sleek and neat-looking sippy for your kids. Pura also offers an interchangeable nipple, so your baby can use it from birth to the toddler years with a simple spout swap. ($15.99;

  • Movin' on up

    When your child starts to outgrow sippy cups (sniff) and is exploring a real cup, the Avent Natural Drinking Cup is a great in-between. This 9-ounce cup is still spill-proof, but it's drinkable from any part of the rim, giving kids the confidence to move onwards and upwards. ($6.99;