Video: In ‘The First Taste’ Kids React To Trying New Foods

by Brian Braiker

Video: In ‘The First Taste’ Kids React To Trying New Foods

Disgust. Revulsion. Surprise. Ecstasy. It's written all over their faces in ultra-slow motion. 

Disgust. Revulsion. Surprise. Ecstasy.

Trying a food for the first time can be fraught with feeling. Even more so when you're barely out of diapers. Fortunately for us, the littlest kids broadcast every singly micro-emotion right across their tiny faces. 

In a new video that was produced as light entertainment for TEDxSydney conference goers in Australia, The First Taste captures in ultra-slow motion the completely unfiltered reactions of a group of children trying decidedly grown-up foods for the first time. 

Turns out you haven't lived until you've seen a small child take her first bite of olive or gherkin.

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Matt Gilmour, creative director at marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi, came up with the idea, he says, when his 2-year-old daughter, was appalled by her first taste of pickle. 

Watch the adorable video below and let us know what foods got the best first-taste reaction out of your kids.