How to Perform CPR on Your Child

by Patty Onderko

How to Perform CPR on Your Child

When and how to perform CPR on your child

When to do it: Your child is unconscious or unresponsive and not breathing.

How to do it:

  1. Place your child faceup on a flat, hard surface and tilt her head back by the chin so that her mouth opens.
  2. Cover her mouth completely with your mouth (cover the mouth and nose of a child under 1) and give two breaths. Make sure her chest rises with each breath you deliver.
  3. Give 30 chest compressions to the lower half of your child’s chest with the heel of one hand. (For infants under 1, use two fingers in the middle of the breastbone just below the nipple line.)
  4. Give two more breaths, then quickly return to the chest compressions.
  5. Continue this cycle of two breaths and 30 chest compressions for about two minutes, then call 911 (if someone else hasn’t already).
  6. Keep on until help arrives or your child begins breathing on her own.

What to Remember:
 Parents often deliver weak chest compressions, Dr. Kleinman says, but her advice is to push hard and push fast. “Don’t worry about breaking a rib or injuring organs. Doing something is better than nothing. Your technique doesn’t have to be perfect.”

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