Juice and Your Baby’s Diet

by Stephanie Wood

Juice and Your Baby’s Diet

Juice is practically a four-letter word when it comes to kids’ diets, with all the concern over childhood obesity and the role that sugary drinks play. But let’s face it: Babies and toddlers love juice, and it’s superconvenient, especially when you’re on the go. Here’s how your child can enjoy juice in moderation:

? Wait until after 6 months to introduce juice.

? Serve only products labeled 100 percent fruit juice. Skip the varieties labeled juice “drink,” “beverage,” or “cocktail”  — they may have little nutritional value.

? Start with clear juices (apple, pear, white grape). They’re easier on your tot’s tummy (and less messy when spilled).

? Dilute juice with water (50-50) to minimize the amount of sugar your baby gets.

? Serve juice in a sippy cup  — drinking it from a bottle can contribute to tooth decay.

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