Keeping Your Child Safe on Heelys

by the editors of Parenting magazine

Keeping Your Child Safe on Heelys

Forget Rollerblades. These days, Heelys  — sneakers with wheels  — are all the rage. Sure, they’re fun, but a new study in Pediatrics found that broken bones caused by falls from “heeling” are on the rise. To keep your child safe:

Make sure he’s really ready for them. Kids need coordination, balance, and good judgment.

Read the instructions. Parents often skip this, but it’s crucial, says John Purvis, M.D., at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. has how-to videos and in-store lessons.

Insist on protective gear, like a helmet and wrist pads. Heelys may seem just like fancy sneakers, but you should think of them as skates.