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10 Unique Potty Training Incentives

  • Potty Tickets, Please

    These cute printables are a unique way to reward your little tinkler. Punch their potty card every time they go in the toilet. Once they reach six punch holes, they get a surprise! Who knew potty training could be so fun?

  • Lolli-Lolli-Lollipop Tree

    Make "The Lollipop Tree" song by Burl Ives a reality and build your own lollipop tree. It is simple enough for your toddler to build. Let them pick out the lollipops they like, so each time they successfully go potty they can enjoy their sweet treat.

  • Magical Colored Water

    Looking for an easy way to get your toddler excited to potty train? Add a few drops of their favorite color food dye to your toilet bowl water, and voila! Magical colored water.

  • The Happy Jar

    Sometimes all we need is a little extra incentive to do something. And in this case, that something is going potty. It can be a tough battle, and this happy jar idea is the perfect reward system. Write down 10-15 of your child's favorite activities on popsicle sticks. You can spend a day coming up with the ideas, and each time they go to the bathroom, they get to pick from the jar and complete their activity.

  • Poop N' Pull

    What little kid doesn't love using their quarters to buy a toy from the vending machine? Use that same concept with a Poop N' Pull reward system. All they do is pull the string for a surprise trinket after going potty. The name alone will make little ones (and adults) laugh, and you can bet your bottom dollar they will want to go as much as possible.

  • Potty Like a Rockstar

    Don't be toilet shy! Celebrate the success of your toddler's potty training efforts with a party. Play the diaper toss game, get a potty pedicure and make personalized potty training charts. It's all the encouragement and inspiration a big kid could need.

  • Don't Lose Your Marbles

    Here is a fun incentive program for your visual learner. Make a label with pictures showing each reward. The cheapest reward is the lowest level, and the best reward is at the very top. Glue the picture label onto a large jar. Let your toddler add two marbles to the jar for every pee and five for each poop. Soon enough, they will be fully potty trained and riding a bike!

  • Incentives & Consequences

    One of the first rules of life is that for every action there is a consequence. This reward system aims to teach kids about incentives and consequences in regard to potty training. For every dry diaper or pull-up, they get one ball. If they have a wet one, one ball gets taken away. Once they collect a certain amount of balls in their jar, they receive a prize. This approach might work best if all other attempts have failed.

  • Upcycled Rewards

    Put those old toilet paper tubes to good use and make a surprise treat box for your little one. This will encourage them to go potty as often as possible so they can reveal which candies are in the box (and to use more toilet paper to make more treat boxes)!

  • The Potty Prize

    Some children are motivated by prizes and objects more than others. If this describes your little one, set aside a special "potty training" shopping day. During your shopping trip, buy big kid underwear, their favorite treats, a few small toys, and maybe one big one. Don't forget a fancy bag to wrap it in. Sit it somewhere where your child can see it and make a potty chart. Once they reach their potty training goal, let them open their present and celebrate their potty victory!