Dealing With Gross Public Bathrooms

by Robert Herguth

Dealing With Gross Public Bathrooms

And you thought that changing your child’s diaper while out and about was tough. If your child is newly toilet trained (or still getting there), you may have an entirely different set of challenges on your hands. He’s probably not so good yet at giving you fair warning that he needs to go, and if you dash into the bathroom and find it grimy you can’t easily turn around and hunt for another. So:

Carry wipes. Use them on the toilet (and maybe your child as well!). A preschooler’s likely to still need your help wiping anyway.

Hover. If a toilet’s just too unsanitary, try to hold your child above it while he goes.

Wash up. Kids this age often insist on doing things themselves: If yours threatens to throw a fit when you try to turn on the water for him, make a quick exit and use water and paper towels (or hand sanitizer) outside.

Complain. Be sure to tell someone in charge about the state of the bathroom before you leave.