On Call: Damp-Diaper Dilemma

by admin

On Call: Damp-Diaper Dilemma

Q. My toddler has been using the new “potty-training” diapers on the market. Now she has a yeast infection! Should I stop using them?

A. No, but you should stop thinking of them as regular disposable diapers, which are designed to wick moisture away. Disposables may get pretty heavy when filled with urine, but they rarely get damp. The upside: kids’ skin stays cleaner longer.

The downside is, some children need to feel wetness to understand better why — and when — they should use the potty. The new training diapers were created to help kids do just that. But if they’re feeling wet, well, that means that they are wet  — and sitting in wetness for too long can lead to rashes like yeast infections.

So treat these new diapers more like cloth diapers. Check your toddler far more regularly to see if she’s wet; be prepared to change her far more frequently. And use a zinc-oxide-based diaper cream on her each time you change her to protect her skin from rashes.