Best Potty Training Rewards and Incentives for Toddlers

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Best Potty Training Rewards and Incentives for Toddlers
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There’s absolutely nothing glamorous about potty training your toddler. It’s a messy, sometimes frustrating experience that can leave both you and your child in tears. From picking the right potty to choosing the best potty training method the whole process can become a bit overwhelming, especially if your toddler is just not that into it. But once it’s done — and trust us, it will be done— it will be extremely rewarding.


10 Items To Encourage Your Toddler To Use The Potty



It can also be a rewarding experience when you’re still in the potty training trenches. Wait, let us explain: By offering rewards and incentives to your child, you can actually help make the process go much more smoothly. Though these rewards may seem small, they can really help encourage your child to start and continue to use the potty on their own. Here are some you’ll want to try.


10 Items to Encourage Your Toddler to Use the Potty

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Reward Chart


This is a great way for your toddler to track her own progress and for you to help set a goal that she can totally achieve. You may already have a reward chart for good behavior and doing chores, but this one from Athena Futures is specifically for the potty and comes with 200 stickers and a completion certificate.

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Drink & Wet Doll


Help your child understand what it means to have to go to the potty with this doll that drinks and then wets. She also comes with her own potty, underwear, bottle and sippy cup.

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MooMoo Baby Cotton Training Pants


Inspire your kid to ditch their diapers with their very own big kid underwear. These cotton training pants are thick enough to absorb accidents, but look just like real underwear.

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The Sesame Street Elmo Potty Training Book Super Set for Toddlers


Elmo has everything you need to get your child excited about going to the potty. This set includes five Sesame Street books as well as a reward chart and stickers. If you’ve got an Elmo fan on your hands, this set should be a big help.

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Potty Princess


This set is great for little ones who want the royal treatment. It includes a fun rhyming book as well as a magnetic reward chart, magnets and a crown for when the job is done!

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Summer Infant My Size Potty


Deciding on the right potty can make a difference in the potty training experience. This potty looks identical to a standard toilet and even makes a flushing sound when the lever is pushed. Great for little ones who want to feel grown up.

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Daniel Tiger Toy


Daniel Tiger teaches kids sharing, how to be a good friend and also how to go to the potty. This toy features real flushing sounds and the potty song from the show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. If Daniel can do it, so can your toddler!

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Toilet Time Targets


For boys who are learning to aim, these targets make going potty a fun game. Just throw a few targets in the toilet, and you’re set. They’re safe for the toilet and won’t clog. Each pack includes 100 targets.

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Potty Time Potty Watch


This handy watch can be set to ring a musical alarm at either 30-, 60- or 90-minute increments. The watch lights up for a gentle reminder that it’s time to go to the potty.