Prepping for “Standard Time”

by Heather Shumaker

Prepping for “Standard Time”

While you’ll be happy to “fall back” for an extra hour of rest this month, your toddler will need to transition into her new sleep schedule. Since she’s probably only recently gotten into the habit of sleeping through the night, even a one-hour change can be a major disruption. So take time to reset her internal clock:

Put her to bed ten minutes later each night for four or five nights leading up to the shift. She’ll adjust to her new sleeping schedule more easily if the change is gradual.

Roll back your daily routines. Getting her used to her new bedtime is most important, but moving naptimes and mealtimes accordingly can also help reprogram her rhythm.

Shade her windows to hide early sunlight after standard time begins. If she wakes up too early, she’ll probably drift back to sleep as long as her room is dark. Set a nightlight with a timer to act like the sun. Explain to her that when the light turns on, it’s “morning.”
? Keep her up until the new bedtime even if she’s sleepy. And be patient-it may take her a week to fully adjust.