Staying Safe on Kiddie Rides

by Jennifer Abbasi

Staying Safe on Kiddie Rides

Compared with mile-high megarides, those for little tykes seem refreshingly safe. But children do get hurt on them, and some even wind up in the emergency room, says Alan Korn, director of public policy for the National Safe Kids Campaign.

To make sure your child's ride on the mini-roller coaster or the Tilt-a-Whirl is wonderful:

  • Read the posted rules aloud to her.
  • Although ads may show kids (and adults) gleefully throwing their arms in the air, tell her that all body parts should stay inside the car.
  • Falls are common on carousels, so keep one hand on any child under 4.
  • Let her jump around only with kids her own size on the moon bounce. If it's full of older children or overcrowded, come back later.
  • Kiddie-ride lap bars are reminders to keep your seat; they're not physical restraints, so make sure your child can't slip under them.
  • If she's afraid of a ride, skip it. She might try to wiggle out of it and get hurt.