12 Holidays Toys Under $12

by The Toy Insider

12 Holidays Toys Under $12
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The Toy Insider has been sharing the hottest toys with consumers for the last 14 years, making it easy to find the most sought-after toys for the kids in their lives. But for the first time in 14 years, we are excited to launch a brand new Hot List: the 12 Under $12.


Today’s kids are watching unboxings, loving the secret reveals, and becoming early collectors like never before. They are looking for layers and layers of fun, and our 12 Under $12 list is full of toys that give kids just that. And parents, rejoice: Kids are getting tons of play value out of these toys that won’t break the bank. These are perfect holiday gifts, and they are also affordable enough to give as gifts to other kids — who will be thrilled to receive them — and to use as stocking stuffers.


There are plenty of splurge items for grandma and grandpa to choose from, but this holiday season, kids will be wowed by an array of surprises and toys that will keep them busy, trading, and playing. ‘Tis the season to have fun at affordable prices. We promise, your kids will love these toys!!


Here’s a look at the 12 Under $12!

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Kids unbox the burrito blanket-wrapped Cutetitos, featuring new fabrics and characters, as well as personality “hot spots.” Plus, Cutetitos Babitos are 3-inch plush baby animals with a surprise gender reveal. Sold separately.

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This colorful, super-stretchy Cloud Slime assortment features fruit-flavored scents, including Berry Blast, Cococraze, Grape Squeeze, Melon Mania, Peach Paradise, and Piney Party. Each jar also comes with a surprise charm.

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Kids can unwrap, peel, and reveal these capsules to find five miniature collectibles based on real brands that are found in any grocery store — it’s like they’ve been hit with a shrink ray.

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Open the mini mystery food cart and reveal surprise ingredients and supplies to make your own edible candy. Pack them in the super cute, themed “to go” keychain container. Available in themes such as sushi, pizza, ice cream and more.

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Each puzzle set comes with hundreds of precision-cut micro jigsaw pieces. Kids can use the included templates to create pre-determined designs or create their own. Jixels hold together strong and fit together with ease.

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Kids can twist, mold, and squish these collectible characters, including TwistiCorn, SkulptySloth, and ShapeyApey. Kids can reshape the Morphimals as many times and ways as they want.

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This tactile plush is soft, moldable, and stretchable. Available in three sizes, Müshmeez are available in bright, fun characters, each filled with unique materials.

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Each highly detailed Nanables dwelling includes two unique Nanos with built-in hangouts. Using the integrated viewer, kids can peek inside each house, or download the free Nanables app to bring the house to life.

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Each includes a Pop Brush with spray bottle to reveal a surprise, a Pop Roller, and a Pop Hair Pet with long, brushable hair. More than 25 characters to collect in four themes: Girly Q’s, Disco ‘Dos, Pretty in Punk, and Bed Heads.

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Available in blind bottle houses and dressed in animal onesies, these dolls cry real tears and come with eight accessories and a sticker sheet. There are 12 characters to collect with one rare character.

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Kids pull three strings to open different compartments to reveal all the surprises inside the reusable pinata, or pull the middle string to open them all at once. Available in 12 different designs in six different themes.