August 30th is National Slinky Day! Celebrate with These Awesome Slinky Toys

by Hilary Braaksma

August 30th is National Slinky Day! Celebrate with These Awesome Slinky Toys
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The Slinky has been a beloved toy for decades. Kids, parents and grandparents will all agree, that while the toy is simple, it provides hours and hours of fun. From rocking the Slinky back and forth, to watching it magically climb down a flight of stairs, the toy will remain a staple for years to come– plus it even got the Pixar treatment! Who can forget Slinky Dog from Toy Story? National Slinky Day is August 30th and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up the best Slinky toys for the whole family! Check them out below!

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The Original Slinky Brand Collector’s Edition Metal Original Slinky


This is the original classic spring toy that started it all! The retro packaging makes for a great gift or party favor!

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Slinky Sound FX Novelty


If you’re looking for a more modern take on the original Slinky, this bold, bright, noisy Slinky fits the bill! It features 10 silly sounds and booms and giggles as it moves and wiggles! It honks and talks as it shakes and walks

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Original Giant Slinky


The only thing better than the original metal Slinky is a giant metal Slinky! This large version of the original, stretches farther, flips higher and walks down taller steps!

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Toy Story Slinky Dog


Woody's best friend can also be your BFF, with this fun toy that walks, squirms and wiggles! Slinky Dog's body stretches from 5in. to 14in. long!

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Original Slinky Brand Slinky Dog with Retro Packaging


If you’d prefer to stick to something a little more retro, the original Slinky dog spring toy that inspired the Toy Story character is a great buy! Packaged in a reproduction of the original 1950's box, this toy is guaranteed to give you a serious case of nostalgia!

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The Original Slinky Brand 14 Karat Gold Plated Metal Slinky


Whether you keep this on display or actually play with it, this 14 karat gold plated Slinky is a total collectors item! It comes with an acrylic case and is a must have gift for any true Slinky collector!