15+ Battery-Free Toys

by Kate Goodin

15+ Battery-Free Toys
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We’ve got puzzles, games and activities for kids of all ages and stages, including retro-cool wooden toys. The best part? No batteries or outlets needed!


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Wooden Train Set


No electric trains here—your little conductor can go for hours on end, building bridges and tracks with this wooden set. Toy trees, workers and traffic signs add authentic touches.

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Building Blocks


Sure, these wooden blocks look a little plain, but that’s the beauty of them. They work for pretty much any kid at almost any age. Babies can play with (and gnaw on) the non-toxic, organic blocks; toddlers can learn stacking skills and older kids can create buildings and play lands.

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What exactly is a Bilibo? It’s whatever your child wants it to be. Good for use in the house, pool, grass or snow, this versatile, lightweight toy makes a cozy seat, spinning top, sled, silly hat and more.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Puzzle


The beloved children’s book is now in puzzle form. Perfect as a stocking stuffer, the puzzle’s sturdy, cardboard pieces are great for little hands, but with 42 pieces, there’s enough to keep them stimulated.

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Big Barrel of Play-Doh


Tap into your kid’s creative side with this Big Barrel of Play-Doh. It holds six cans of the pliable dough and a variety of molds, presses, cutters and other accessories.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa Architecture Blocks


Get a few history and architecture lessons in with your kid as she recreates Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa in wooden block form. The set’s 21 solid wood pieces make this a sturdy, timeless toy.

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LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bus


The Harry Potter movie hoopla may be over, but the fans are still here. Your kiddo can recreate Harry’s journey on the purple double-decker Knight Bus from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with this intricate LEGO set, complete with a mini Harry and owl Hedwig.

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Nothing Up My Sleeve Magic Set


You definitely won’t find any batteries needed here—these tricks are powered by magic, of course! We love the old-fashioned feel of the velvet trick bag and magic box. And Houdini, Jr. can learn tricks such as the “Vanishing Coin” and “Secret Silks” to amaze the rest of the fam.

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Puppet Show Theater


Step right up for the greatest puppet show on Earth! Your kid can put on a real deal puppet play with this showstopper theater. The chalkboard playbill panel and velvet curtains add to its authentic feel.

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Doctor Kit


Think of this as Operation, sans the ear-splitting buzzer. This kit comes full of doctor and nurse gadgets for kids, including a plush stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff and bandage.

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Wooden Shapes Toy Train


This toy has a lot going for it. Each train car has an activity unto itself, giving your toddler plenty to choose from, or he can pull the whole thing along as one.

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Breakfast Set


Breakfast in bed? Your kid will be bringing it to you daily with this cute food set, including toast, a croissant, fruit and a boiled egg. The retro colors and design make it unique.

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Moby the Fish


Moby makes a great toy for babies 6 months and up. He can bend and twist in little fists, and his soft rattling sound and vibrant colors keep baby’s interest.

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Ball Track Ski Jump


Your kids can set their marbles flying with this ultra-cool ski jump. They can build it as one big jump (pictured) or set up the individual incline tracks racecourse style.

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Cardboard Playhouse


Good for indoor or outdoor use, this cardboard playhouse’s best feature is that your kid can make it all her own—it comes with a set of four washable markers for personalization. Check out the cardboard pirate ship and castle, too!

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Wooden Easel


Your budding artist will love this pro-looking easel, complete with clips to hold her paper steady and a tray to hold supplies. Bonus: It also features a chalkboard and a dry-erase board.

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Discovery Blocks


No need for a play set with flashing lights and sounds; the bells, mirrors, peepholes and kaleidoscopes in this six-block set are enough to catch your toddler’s interest.