The Best Disney Games and Books to Hold You Over Until the Parks Re-Open

by Bethany Braun-Silva

The Best Disney Games and Books to Hold You Over Until the Parks Re-Open
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These Disney games and books will keep the whole family busy and entertained!


We can always count on Disney to make us feel magical, and we can definitely use a lot more magic in our lives as of late. 


We know times are challenging, but there are ways to bring the magic of Disney right to your home. First, there’s Disney + where you can stream all your favorite Disney content including animated classics, new favorites, Star Wars movies, and the entire Marvel Universe franchise. There are also educational apps and websites like ReadingIQ, which has thousands of Disney books for kids of all ages, that can be downloaded to any computer, phone or tablet. 


We know you’re missing the parks and if you had a Disney vacation planned during this time, we know it can be especially heartbreaking, but these fun toys and books can bring a little bit of that special Disney feeling when you need it most. Take a look at our roundup of Disney games and books that include fun puzzles, early reader books and classic board games. 

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Disney Toy Story Top Trumps Match Game


This fun matching game is great for kids and adults alike. The first one to make a line of the same characters wins. All of your favorite Toy Story characters are included.

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Disney Mickey and the Roadster Racers Electronic Music Mat


Get your kid moving and grooving with this fun music mat. It comes loaded with five songs and three games for hours of fun.

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Disney Parks Theme Park Edition Monopoly Game


If you can’t go to the parks, bring the parks to your family. This special edition Monopoly game features favorite Disney Parks attractions including Star Wars Rise of the Resistance, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and The Haunted Mansion.

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Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Gear Shift Brain Teaser Puzzle


What’s better than a brain teaser puzzle for some challenging entertainment? Players have to spin the gears to solve the fun puzzle that you can play over and over again.

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Disney Frozen Elsa 32-Piece Original 3D Crystal Puzzle


Create your very own crystal Elsa with this 3D puzzle. We love that it looks like a collectible figurine after it’s completed.

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Disney Baby My First Library 12-Book Set


This set includes 12 mini books with durable board pages all conveniently packaged in a portable carrying case. Stories teach babies numbers, letters and colors and feature several favorite Disney characters.

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Toy Story Obstacles & Adventures Game


Join Woody and friends in a fun game that encourages players to work together to finish the objective before the ending is thwarted by bad guys

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Disney 5 Minute Disney Classic Stories


Introduce kids to classic Disney stories like Dumbo, Alice and Wonderland and more in a quick version that’s perfect for bedtime.

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Disney Mickey: The True Original Collector's Chess Set


This chess set is something you will keep forever. It celebrates Disney’s 90th anniversary and includes Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy chess pieces, among other iconic characters.

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Coco: My Busy Books


This clever kit is a storybook and activity book all in one. It includes 12 mini figurines and a playmat in addition to the enchanting story. Kids can act out their favorite scenes with the figures as they read.