The 10 Best LEGO City Sets

by Rachel Sokol

The 10 Best LEGO City Sets
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There’s just something so special and fun about small, colorful construction pieces that consist of interlocking bricks and accessories of various sizes, that can be used to construct something. And then, once your imagination runs wild and your build something awe-inspiring from these plastic mini marvels, they can be disassembled and put together all over again. Wait, what am I blabbing about? The power of LEGO, of course. Founded in the 30s by a Danish toy inventor, LEGO is synonymous with creativity and it considered one the world’s most popular toy sets. One popular theme is LEGO® City; a pretend, but realistic LEGO world for your child to explore that stimulates their creativity. Each LEGO city construction set consists of iconic vehicles and/or buildings that form a bustling ‘action’ scene.


Here are our top picks for Best LEGO City collections out there:



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LEGO City Diving Yacht


I mean, hey, if you’re not old enough or rich enough for your own yacht, why not build your own dreamboat for some underwater exploration? This collection includes 148 pieces; the boat itself has all the nooks and crannies including a sun deck, roof that can be removed, a turning searchlight, and storage and sleeping areas. Playset accessories include two people figurines ready for scuba diving, a camera, underwater plants, crabs, an oxygen mask, and a swordfish. Recommended age: 5+

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LEGO City Donut Shop Opening


This incredibly impressive LEGO collection is on the pricier side for good reason--it’s incredibly detailed, and has nearly 800--yes, you read that right--pieces. More than just a play donut shop, the “story” behind this playset is that the shop just opened, so everyone in “town” is stopping by for a sweet treat, and there’s press coverage. Accessories include a play donut shop measuring over 6" high and a crane that carries a pink donut decoration that goes on top of the shop; there’s also a toy store you can put together so it’s like two shops in one. Incredibly detailed figures and vehicles include news van, child, taxi with “driver,” and much more. Recommended age: 6+

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LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport


This 310-piece set allows kids to construct a toy cargo truck (with amazing details, of course). The truck’s cab opens, and the collection also includes a flatbed toy trailer, and two career figurines: a truck driver and a pilot. The truck can carry the plane; just attack the plane to it. There’s also a helicopter with rotors that actually spin (LEGO always goes the extra mile when it comes to replicas) and an opening cockpit. Great gift for kids who love construction sites and shows them what site managers do! The truck itself weighs just over 1 lb, so it’s not very heavy at all, despite being so detailed. Recommended age: 5-12

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LEGO City People Pack


This 164-piece LEGO set--an Amazon’s Choice product--honors The Great Outdoors and with rugged activities such as camping and biking. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll find in this box: a mountain wall, camping tent, dirt bike, river raft, an outdoor lamp, 14 ‘adult’ figurines, plus a baby in a carrier (heh!) and an eagle figurine. Other outdoorsy doodads include cooking pots, pans, and a mug, a log pile with a ramp, camera, and a fish--the catch of the day! If the children in your life love camping or white water rafting, they’ll love playing with this set. Adventure awaits! Recommended age: 5-12

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LEGO City Fun At The Beach


This LEGO beach has more than 160 pieces, along with all your sand and surf must-haves including an ice cream stand, volleyball net, lifeguard station, kayak, lobster, puppy and even a windsurfing board. Other awesome LEGO pieces in this collection include a miniature dolphin, fish, and small ball, as well as pretend people (remember you can swap Lego hair, clothes, and heads in CITY world). In this set my favorite accessory is the play hammock connected to two palm trees--a LEGO person can really ‘rest’ on it. Says one reviewer: “This set is perfect and super adorable.” Recommended age: 5-12

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LEGO City Ski Resort


This LEGO ski resort has all the bells and whistles needed for an amazing snow-related adventure. This 806-piece set has (are you ready for this?) a rescue base, half-pipe, and grind rail, a ski shop, a hot drinks stand, helicopter, 4x4 truck and snowmobile with an attached trailer! Kids will also find 11 LEGO City minifigures including ski patrol employees, a ski shop clerk, helicopter pilot, skier, snowboarder, 2 kids, hot drinks stand employee and a customer, plus a dog and a buildable snowman figures for all sorts of wintery fun. The details in this Amazon’s Choice LEGO set are impressive (such as a mini TV screen showing sports news) and enhance the hours of fun your kids will have tapping into their imaginations. Recommended age: 6+

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LEGO City Space Port People Pack


With this impressive LEGO set, your kids can construct a collection of space-themed items including a spinning G-force training machine, rocket stand with rocket, rocky ground scene, plant pod, and a robot stand. Also included are 14 assorted LEGO City minifigures, plus a robot figure. This is a great collection for those kids obsessed with space and interested in anything NASA; it contains 209 pieces. Happy customers say this set is a great way to teach kids about space/NASA jobs, and mixes well with other LEGO ski space and accessories. Recommended age: 5+

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LEGO City Arctic Expedition Arctic Mobile Exploration Base


A LEGO set devoted to the discovery of a well-preserved-in-ice Wooly Mammoth? Sign us up! Your curious child will love this unique ice-oriented collection, which features--honestly--a LEGO mammoth, 4 scientists (arctic explorers), an arctic expedition leader and a driver. Accessories in this collection include 2 saws, jackhammer, 2 ice picks, 2 mugs, radio, bone, camera and 2 pairs of snowshoes--no detail is missing. There’s also a large crane measuring over 4”, which is used to extract said beast, a mobile lab, a snow bike, and a saw. The toy mammoth itself stands over 2”, which is nice in big for LEGO world. The crane vehicle has a rotating arm, and all vehicles in this set connect together except for the bike. Recommended age: 7

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LEGO City Mountain Police Headquarters


This toy set features a 2-level Mountain Police Headquarters with rotating satellite dish; online reviewers liked combining this police set with other police-related LEGO toys. An Amazon’s Choice set, you’ll find more than 650 pieces in this collection, which includes a playset with helipad, police motorbike, 4x4 and 2 helicopters. It includes 7 figurines: 4 police officers and 3 crooks, plus a mountain lion figure. You can do so many cool things with this collection--lead a prison break by removing a “break through” wall, let a mountain lion loose in the middle of the night, launch a net to capture the convicts, fly a helicopter, chase the escaped prisoners, and more. Recommended age: 6-12

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LEGO City Hospital


You can’t have a town without a hospital! This collection, in a word, is amazing. It’s a multi-level unit with hospital rooms including a delivery room and an X-ray room--online customers said the X-ray room is what impressed them the most since it’s such a niche, cool detail. Inside this box of creativity you’ll also find a helicopter, ambulance, along with pretend people, of course: 3 doctors, 2 paramedics, a receptionist, 3 patients, a skeleton (!), babies, and a mom and dad. Additional little doodahs to enhance the realism include a LEGO stretcher, wheelchair, emergency signs, baby carriage, flowers, and more. The hospital part itself is ‘open’ and wide, making it easy to place LEGO people and accessories inside and move them around with ease and ample space. Total number of pieces: 861. Recommended age: 6-12