11 Awesome Screen-Free Learning Games for Kids

by Bethany Braun-Silva

11 Awesome Screen-Free Learning Games for Kids
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Over last few weeks, parents have had the added (and at times overwhelming) responsibility of teaching their kids at home while abiding to social distancing rules. With restless kids stuck indoors, the pressure to keep everyone happy and engaged is at an all-time high. And while you may have abandoned any screen time limits, screens can certainly get exhausting and we, of course, want to keep our kids’ activities interactive when we can. Instead, turning to fun learning games that will engage your children (while also teaching them something new) is a creative and innovative way to pass the time.


Playing games is a great boredom buster at any time, not just during a mandated quarantine. Games can teach younger kids important fine motor skills and the basics such as letters, numbers, colors and sounds. At the same time, older kids can tackle math, science, reading and even foreign languages thanks to fun games. 


The best part? Most of the time your kids won’t even know they are learning because they will be having such a good time. Plus, we would be lying if we didn’t admit that we also love that our kids can play most of the games independently — while we have some much needed time to ourselves. 


If you have your daily schedule down already (good for you!), you might want to incorporate some of these games into family game nights! There are tons of options that the whole family can play together to encourage bonding and learning. Check out these 10 fun learning games that encourage kids to put down the screens and actively engage.


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Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun Game


This game might spark a pizza craving but it's totally worth it. Kids will learn all about fractions, including how to add and subtract them, using their favorite food as a guide.

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ThinkFun Math Dice


Develop your child’s critical thinking skills with the ThinkFun Math Dice. This game includes one 12-sided die that shows a “target” number and kids then have to roll the remaining five dice, adding and subtracting to get to that target number. The rules are simple and the game is fun and challenging.

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LeapFrog RockIt Twist


Yes we know this is technically a screen, but it challenges kids to play in an educational way. Your kids will have to spin, slide and push buttons to care for their virtual pet as it grows. We promise this will keep their attention for quite awhile.

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Match Me Alphabet Learning Game


Encourage memory and matching skills while kids learn the alphabet in this fun game. Kids will be given letter and sound cues to help them match upper and lowercase cards and photographs to objects beginning with those sound cues. The best part is you can play three different ways so your child will never be bored

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Sight Words Bingo


Kids can begin to recognize simple sight words in this fun Bingo game. Just like traditional Bingo, the caller will list words that kids have to recognize on their playing cards in order to make a winning Bingo line. Their vocabulary will expand in no time.

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Disgusting Science


Kids love gross things, so they will absolutely love the Disgusting Science Kit. The kit teaches kids about smells, gas, creatures, mold and bacteria while they use their STEM skills to create utterly disgusting science experiments.

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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Colorful Game & Learn Controller


Toddlers can learn ABCs, numbers, songs and sounds with this pretend video game controller. It will help to sharpen their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while they pretend to play video games just like their big sibling (or Dad).

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4M Crystal Growing Experiment Science Kit


We love this science kit because it keeps kids interested over a long period of time. It includes seven different crystal growing science experiments and once it's done, the crystals lasts forever and you can show off in the included display case.

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Learning Resources Juego de Palabras


Aprender español with the language game that requires kids to put together as many Spanish words as they can in two minutes.This is a great way to keep those foreign language skills sharp or to start learning a new language with all the extra time at home.

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Osmo Creative Starter Kit


If you’re having a hard time removing the iPad from your child’s hands, you can encourage interactive play with this drawing game. Kids sync the Osmo pad to the iPad to partake in fun adventures while they learn to draw.

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Pillar Learning Codi AI Smart Educational Robot for Kids


Codi will read, sing, and play with your kids, and teach them something in the process! This robot toy can connect to your phone via the coordinating app and help improve your child’s reading and socioemotional skills.