6 Great Summer Travel Toys for Little Kids

by Kate Kurka

6 Great Summer Travel Toys for Little Kids
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Pack your bags and don’t worry about entertaining your toddler on your upcoming trip. With these travel toys, kids will stay engaged and occupied on vacation.


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Color Wonder Marker Set


A Color Wonder set from Crayola means kids can color and paint without the worry of making a mess in the car or hotel room. This activity set includes coloring pages, markers, and stickers, and it all fits perfectly into the plastic case so you don’t have to worry about losing supplies. You can also add different colors and pages from other sets so your kiddo can make the fun last on those extra-long road trips.

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Magnetic Drawing Board


This magnetic travel doodler will provide hours of mess-free drawing and doodling for your child. With a built-in pen on a string and handles, this board was made to take anywhere. As your child draws they’ll discover red, blue, yellow, and green colors on the board, and with the slide eraser they can instantly erase and start a new drawing without any extra supplies.

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Kindle Fire for Kids


The Kindle Fire Kids Edition will provide hours of entertainment for your littles. With access to games, apps, books, and movies, your toddler has plenty of options, so no matter what they’re in the mood for they’ll never get bored. And parental controls allow you to manage what they can access, usage limits, and much more. As an added bonus this Kindle Fire is kid-proof, but if it breaks in the first two years Amazon will replace it no questions asked.

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Lacing Boards


Lace boards are a great way for kids to build hand-eye coordination skills. As an added bonus, they’re also a great travel activity for toddlers because of the minimal mess and supplies they require. With the sturdy wooden design, this lace board will hold up through many travel adventures and trips to the grandparents’ house. Plus, the boards and lace fit perfectly in the case so you never have to worry about loose pieces getting lost.

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Pantone Sticker Books


Sticker books are a fun way for kids to stay entertained while on the go without having to worry about the mess of markers or paints. This sticker book from Pantone features stickers in all different shapes, sizes and, colors that will delight kids and adults alike. The pages include different backgrounds and illustrations so your toddler can let their imagination run wild as they experiment with color.

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Stacking Cups


Stacking Cups are a multipurpose toy for travel. They’re perfect to take from the bath to the beach. Kids can put them together or stack them up, and they’ll have loads of fun knocking them down! Bonus: fill them with small goodies to entertain your kids all day.