7 Indoor Energy-Burning Toys

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7 Indoor Energy-Burning Toys
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Has cabin fever hit your home? Beat the indoor stir-crazies with toys that get kids moving and grooving…all the way to a nap! Plus, get healthy eating tips, exercise ideas, and more ways to shape up with Parenting’s Fit Generation 2011!


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How low can you go?


Who can resist Giraffalaff Limbo? Shimmy and slide under the foam bar as the music plays -- then move it down a notch after each round. Knock the goofy giraffe off his perch and he giggles like mad.

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Go bananas


The Monkey Moves Smart Seat plays songs, flashes lights, and teaches colors and numbers as he pulls on the bar and "rows" back and forth on the seat. (A baby monkey even pops up for extra silliness.)

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Jump for joy


This tyke-size Little Jumper Trampoline has a cushioned bar, padded edges, and colorful polka dots to brighten gray days. It's easy to assemble and folds up in a snap, so you can shove it under the bed when gym time is over. Consider this in the "pricey but worth it" category.

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Hop to it


Playhouse Disney characters are the star attractions in the Zippity Learning System. The console hooks up to your TV and plays eight games that hone memory skills and teach letters, numbers, and Spanish words while your guy bops on the mat and maneuvers the extra-large joystick.

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It all adds up


When it's cold outside, kids can still be active and learn their numbers with 1-2-3 Stomp! Step on the green button, watch the plastic digits fly, and then listen for the challenge. If it's, say, "What comes between seven and nine?" you want to be the first one to grab the "8" and put it back in the base.

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Twist and shout


The Dr. Seuss-themed Super Stretchy ABC Game has kids reaching and bending to place a foot on "G," a hand on "L," and an ear on "Y" -- all at the same time! It's Twister for the kiddie set.

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Green dream


The Bouncing Colors Turtle entertains your tot as he rides, with spinning beads and seven little ditties ("Bingo," "Pop Goes the Weasel"); he also calls out colors and shapes as the lights flash ("red circle").