Indoor Games and Toys to Keep You and Your Kids from Going Crazy

by Hilary Braaksma

Indoor Games and Toys to Keep You and Your Kids from Going Crazy
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The best indoor games and toys for when you’re stuck inside. 


We know you and your kids are not getting out much these days. Many families across the country are choosing to self-isolate given the seriousness of the coronavirus, and many schools have also closed their doors for an extended period of time. That gives families a whole lot of time stuck indoors. While that is by far the safest option, it’s also natural for everyone to feel a bit stir crazy from time to time.


But there are tons of indoor toys and games kids can play to help offset that feeling of being isolated and restless. We rounded up a list of 10 toys that will spark kids’ imaginations, encourage learning and, quite frankly, keep them busy while you get a break to do some work or relax.


For kids who love being active outdoors—and the parents of those kids—the this time can feel long, boring and restless. If you’re looking for great ways to keep your active little ones busy inside during chilly weather, check out these awesome indoor games and toys.


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KidKraft Ultimate Creation Station


Crafts are a great way to keep kids entertained for hours, but cleanup is such a chore that some parents avoid it as much as they can. This Ultimate Creation Station from KidsKraft solves that problem with built-in compartments to contain spills and messes, a stain-resistant top and easy-to-clean surface. Basically, it’s a magical, mess-free place for your little ones to paint, color, and create to their heart’s content all winter long.

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Hank’s Twisted Challenge Game


This hilarious game night challenge is fun for the whole family. Spend a chilly evening indoors taking turns trying to get the ball off your twisted stick—without using your hands—before the rest of the players. This is game is made for one to four players ages 6 and up.

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Slimy Sand


Why is it always the messiest activities that keep our kids quiet and engaged for an afternoon? If you’ve suffered through the slime trend, you surely understand. Enter Slimy Sand! This three pound bag of kinetic sand stretches like slime, molds like sand, and won’t leave the dining room table a sticky mess. Slimy Sand even comes in a reusable bag, so kids can play with it again and again.

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Throw Throw Burrito Board Game


In the middle of winter, on another endless day indoors, you might be tempted to just let your kids throw things at each other. Wait, what? Don’t worry—it’s all in good fun! Throw Throw Burrito is a silly card game that encourages players to throw soft, squishy burrito toys at each other periodically through the game.

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SmarTrike 3-in-1 Trampoline Activity Center


If you want to keep your little kid active through the winter, you could buy a mini indoor trampoline, or you could buy them a ball pit—or you could buy both! This 3-in-1 activity center converts from trampoline with a handle, to a regular mini trampoline, to a ball pit. Your child is guaranteed tons of fun with this toy!

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Escape Room in a Box


Older kids and adults will have a blast spending a day indoors trying to problem solve in this fun board game. Players have 90 minutes to crack the code and win the game, playing together as a team.

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Kiddie Play Basketball Arcade Game


You don’t have to hit the outdoors to shoot some hoops! This arcade-style basketball hoop is the perfect size for little kids and comes with two inflatable balls and a pump, and the hoop has a large mesh basket underneath to store the accessories in.

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Kids Clubhouse Play Tent


With this adorable playhouse from, every day indoors can feel like a day outside. The playhouse is designed for indoor use and features fun details like a roll down door, mailbox and wood signs.

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Space Astronaut Kids Play Tent


Crawlers and toddlers will love heading through this tunnel into a fun play tent. Set this up to keep them entertained and active during cold days inside, and watch their imaginations run wild.

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Let your kids do some mess-free doodling anywhere in the house—their bedroom, the living room, wherever. The AquaDoodle is an awesome coloring mat that can be drawn on with a water-activated pen to create cool, colorful drawings. Just fill the pen with water and let your little ones scribble away!