Best Kids Toys That Guarantee Hours of Play

by Amy Hogan

Best Kids Toys That Guarantee Hours of Play
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Kids need love, support, attention and plenty of time to play. Sure, we all know that life is not all fun and games, but for kids that really should be a large part of their day. Play is how children get to flex their creativity and strengthen their physical and cognitive as well as emotional development. It’s also imperative for healthy brain development, as they blossom from newborn babies and toddlers to the mini adults we all know and affectionately refer to as elementary school-aged kids. At this stage, playing is the best way for them to interact with and explore the world around them. And the best way to encourage play is with plenty of toys.


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Best Electronic Toys



Best Games



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Best Outdoor Toys




Toys come in a zillion shapes, sizes, prices and functions. There really is a toy for every purpose and every developmental level of a child. There are toys specifically created to engage autistic kids, which are often called sensory toys. Something as simple and inexpensive as a bowl full of Orbeez water beads can lead to hours of fun and functional learning for the whole family. Of course, there are cool toys that are nothing but nonsense, but there is also lots of learning involved with many playthings.


When you’re shopping for new toys, there are a few main categories to consider:


        • Fun Toys

These are the popular, cool, must-have toys. The purely for fun stuff that can get kids up and moving, like Laser Tag, as well as get their artistic juices flowing like craft kits and Lite-Brite.


        • STEM Toys

STEM toys are designed to encourage interest in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, as well as STEAM, which incorporates the arts. Science kits, coding and building kits fall into this category.


        • Electronic Toys

These are your digital cameras, Amazon Fire Tablets and iPads, droids, drones and smartwatches.


        • Games

The backbone of bonding is family game night. Some of the classic board games, like Trouble and Perfection, are still as fun as you remember, while others have been updated to reflect modern interests, like Fortnite Monopoly. And then there’s the games we could have never imagined for our kids like Chow Crown and the dog poop dodger Don’t Step In It.


        • Ride-on Toys

Power Wheels, scooters, things with wheels or pedals or motors — you get the idea.


        • Outdoor Toys

The best way to beat the heat during summer vacation is with a plethora of outdoor toys. Stuff to use in the pool, giant sprinklers and even playhouses that transform your backyard into a tiny house nation.


If all of this has you feeling overwhelmed about building the best toy box stash for your loved ones, give yourself a time out, because we’ve done the work and rounded up the best toys in each category.


Best Toys for Kids

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Best Fun Toys

Laser Tag Vest and Gun Set


The whole family can get in on the fun with this set of four vests and blasters. The battery-powered battle gear is made of non-toxic ABS plastic and built to hold up to the toughest play. They’re a great way to get kids up off the couch and racing around the house or neighborhood. They make noise and light up with different colors and even have different vibrations every time you shoot or get shot. This toy IS always a huge hit with kids and adults of all ages.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Boys and girls took turns shooting each other at dusk through our acre of wooded property. Of course our 9 and 11 year old sons and their friends have been playing with them ever since.

Used this product for combo kids birthday party ages 5&6. They absolutely loved that the guns light up. You can change caliber on the weapon which kids loved, they make different sounds.

Bought 2 sets for a Fornite-style birthday party. Kids and adults had a blast. The vests are easy enough to take on and off (with a little help for the youngest kids). The guns pair with the vests, and they have sensors on them, so you can shoot another player's vest or gun. They lasted the whole party without any damage. One of the dads commented on the quality of the gear.

Image Credits: Amazon



The classic toy from your childhood has been updated with modern technology. Now it’s not much bigger than a tablet, so it’s the perfect portable size for kids to fit in a backpack. The safe, battery-powered LED bulbs have four different lighting options and the kit comes with 6 design templates, but young artists can create anything their hearts desire. Plus, parents appreciate that more design options are available for download at

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It is battery operated, which is nice for travel. The pegs come with a storage case which connects to either side of the Lite-Brite for righty or lefty. The light can stay on, blink, or light up randomly like Christmas lights. I'm glad I bought it, such an improvement on the old one i had as a kid.

My 5 year old daughter LOVES this and the size is perfect. It allows her to finish a picture in 1-2 sittings. The case keeps all her pegs together and we bought refill pages. It’s been a real hit!

Many thoughtful improvements in this smart reboot: LEDs that don’t burn little fingers, peg holes that close back up so you don’t absolutely need a pattern, attached storage box for pegs, cool iPad-inspired design. My daughter also likes the options for it to blink the lights. Winner!

Image Credits: Amazon

Kid Made Modern Crafts Library


This is the ultimate arts and crafts kit to catapult a kid’s creativity to new heights. The awesome library comes with glue, scissors and all sorts of materials (over 1,250!) to create anything a kiddo can dream up, like friendship bracelets, a pom-pom monster, pipe cleaner crown and all sorts of jewelry and luggage tags. Parents have been impressed with how many hours kids end up spending with this craft library instead of playing video games and begging for more tablet time.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My five-year-old granddaughter absolutely loved this gift from her old grandpaw. Thoroughly entertaining, this 'library' provides many hours/days of critical thinking skills and creativity. She loves her 'Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library', it was an excellent decision.

The kids love this. They are 9 and 10. Plenty of activity in this box for the creative types.

Purchased for my crafty 5 yo for his birthday and he was very happy to open all the individual bags of supplies. He made little pom animals the first night and many projects since. This is a great craft kid to supply them hours of fun. Great variety in the box.

Image Credits: Target

Little Live Pets Scruff-A-Luv


Kids need more toys that encourage compassion, and that’s exactly what this one does. Elementary school children will enjoy “adopting” one of these scruffy creatures, which they then clean up with a real bath to discover if they got a kitten, puppy or bunny for a new furry friend. It’s super soft and cuddly and is sure to put a smile on any little face. A great way to encourage gentle behavior and nurturing. Kids love it so much, they’ll want to rescue them all.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My twins begged for these. I’m so glad I got them. They have a great time giving them baths and then letting them dry. It did take a long time to dry and it still looks scruffy but they just love them to pieces. Highly recommend for any animal loving kids.

I’m so happy with it why are people saying after it’s dry it’s still scruffy do not understand it’s supposed to teach kids that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside but the inside of you love it and care for it it shouldn’t matter what it looks like I am a kid myself and I love this toy.

It was a cute idea, my daughter loved washing it and the idea of finding out what pet she would get.

Image Credits: Amazon

Anki Cozmo Robot


Cozmo comes fully loaded and ready to roll, with big-time fun for the whole family. But his big brain has plenty of room for little programmers to learn about and practice coding with his kid-friendly language that’s perfect for beginners. Parents consider this super cool STEM toy to be worth every penny because of how the personality and functions improve and adapt the more it’s played with. Cozmo loves to play games and is a great way for kids to improve their memory skills and hand eye coordination as well as critical thinking. They sky’s the limit when it comes to kid’s creativity with Cozmo.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Between a birthday and Christmas, we ended up with a Cozmo, Dash/Dot and Lego Boost set for our 5.5 and 7yo daughters. Cozmo is one of the favorites in our house amongst all of those products. He’s just so cute and fun.

What I enjoy most about cozmo is that his app gets updated very frequently and it makes you want to go and explore more about what he can do. Cozmo is a great robot and what he can do can never get old.

This little robot is awesome. The things he can do will surprise you. The commercials and YouTube videos don't do it justice. I also like the STEM educational aspect. It's fun to see everything Cozmo can do. It's also fun letting your kid show everything they can do with it.

Best STEM Toys

Image Credits: Amazon

SmartGurlz Maria Doll with Siggy Coding Toys


As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Maria is way more than just a fashion doll. She’s an award-winning toy that engages girls ages 5 and up with the basic concepts of coding and programming languages. The doll pairs up with a kid-friendly app that’s easy to use to program her to follow paths and complete obstacles and tasks. Little girls and boys will love learning about STEM concepts with this adorable, interactive doll.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My daughter LOVES this doll. She has shown in interest in coding and this app brought together her love of dolls and technology. It has been a struggle to find coding toys that are not implicitly marketed to boys.

We give the doll the full 5 stars because it is such a cool concept and a terrific way to increase the numbers of women drawn to coding and entering the STEM field, including my daughter, who envisions a future as an engineer thanks to programs and educational toys like these.

Saw on Shark Tank and bought for my 7-1/2 year old Granddaughter as a Christmas present. She loved it.

Image Credits: Target

Learning Resources Crashapult STEM Challenge


We love when learning is hiding inside a fun game. Even the least STEM-interested kid will get a kick out of the Crashapult, an activity set of build-it-yourself challenges. While they’re launching balls in the air toward targets, they’re actually figuring out the concepts of angles, trajectories, distances and hand-eye coordination. The 15-piece set is a must-have for rainy days and anyone looking to challenge an elementary school-aged child.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This was bought as a Christmas gift for my 6 year old grandson. Although more small parts than I would normally purchase as a gift for a young child it was worth it. Not only did he enjoy it thoroughly, it kept all the young ones entertained for quite a while.

My kids love it!! My boys are 6 and 8 and together they work to try to find the ‘perfect’ spot to get the ball through the ring.

This catapult kit is great for ages 6-10. I used it in my classroom. The directions are clear and it is easy enough for the kids to put together. The students loved the activity of building it and had fun learning about force and motion but figuring out how to use the catapult to move objects both near and far. Great addition to our STEM lab.

Image Credits: Target

3-in-1 Hydraulic Engineering STEM Kit for Kids


Little boys and girls who are fascinated by how things work will love this hydraulic building kit. The included instructions show how to create a working excavator, bulldozer or crane for a hands-on way to welcome the basics of hydraulic science and technology. They work with the power of water pressure and will really make a splash with little science lovers.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My nephew's son loved this. Hands-on and educational is a great mix!

My son is so excited for this, hours of fun. He loves to build.

I'm giving this to my 10 year old grandson for Christmas. I believe that he will enjoy creating simple machines.

Image Credits: Amazon

Magnetic Building Blocks Ferris Wheel and Vehicle Set


Kids will spend countless hours building cars, monster trucks and amusement park rides with the 74 magnetic tiles in this sturdy set. This STEM toy is a sneaky way to welcome kids to the worlds of geometry while encouraging their creativity. Parents appreciate that the magnets are ultrasonic welded to be fully encapsulated in a plastic casing, which makes them easily cleanable and safe for small kids.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This set by WhizBuilders was a fraction of the cost and also came with neat components to make a Ferris wheel! The booklet has some neat things that you can build, although a few of them are a little tricky to figure out in the three steps that it shows.

My son loves these. Light weight so easy to put together. Teaching my son all about North and south poles because he wasn't understanding why some weren't sticking together. Great learning toy. He loves making the Ferris wheel. Definitely would buy again!

This toy is everything a parent could ask for! It’s quiet without too many tiny pieces to get lost. It also doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. It encourages creativity and use of the imagination.

Image Credits: Amazon

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot


Welcome to the future! Kids are crazy for this voice-activated coding robot that has the capability to navigate around objects. The best part? Dash arrives fully charged and ready to roll, which is a blessing on birthdays and special occasions, when the last thing little ones want to do is wait to play with their new toy. Kids can give Dash voice commands through one of the five free included apps. This is a great toy to introduce the fundamentals of technology to kids.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is an absolutely OUTSTANDING product. As both a creative lead and tech developer, my personal standards for these types of devices is quite high and this little thing has not only met every expectation and promise, but exceeded them.

Dash has been a wonderful toy and I love his durable plastic. The apps were fun and educational.

What an absolutely amazing toy. The shear number of movements and traits this thing can do are way more than I expected for the price. It is actually a really complex robot.

Best Electronic Toys

Image Credits: Amazon

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2


This little watch can do a whole lot of fun things. Not only does its two cameras allow kids to take video and pictures to customize the watch face, but they can also learn how to tell time and play games. Parents should note that while the watch is splash proof, it should not be submerged in a pool or worn in the shower. We love that it makes fun sounds, has a pedometer to count steps and encourage more activity, and can be firmly monitored with parental control settings.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Great watch got for my 10 year old she loves it. There are lots of games and stuff to do and two cameras. I'll be getting more for my other children.

I bought this as a gift for our 8 year old. Worried it was too young for her, but she loves it. I like that it has the analog clock face in addition to a digital clock face. She loves everything about it - including the exercise game where she has to walk around with the pedometer feature and look for the "monster" hiding. The camera is surprisingly good for a toy. Well done, VTech!

What a cute little Smartwatch! Bought this for my 9-year-old sister for Christmas and it's super interactive with a pretty decent camera. It actually has two camera lenses, which I think is a cool feature. I really like this watch and think it's a great buy! Super quality and your kid definitely won't get bored with this!

Image Credits: Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet


This tablet is so much more than just a toy. It’s the real deal when it comes to the latest in technology, but it’s built tough for young users. A Kid Proof Case and $144 in savings, such as 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, come with this top tablet. The 8-inch digital display screen is ideal for watching all of their favorite shows and videos and playing games. It’s compact enough to tuck into a purse or carry-on bag for a dependable distraction during travel. Plus it’s got up to 10 hours of battery life, which parents know is a blessing.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Gave this to my grandson on his 5th birthday. He had an older model, so he knew exactly what to do and how to use it! He was VERY happy and excited! He takes his tablet on all car trips, long and short, and plays in the evening just before bedtime, after homework and chores.

Overall I still think this device is a great choice over an iPad for the price and all you get with it. You can have your own profile on this tablet and use it as your own and switch back and for from child to yours and it’s password locked. The warranty itself is amazing.

This is an amazing kids tablet. I love the free Amazon FreeTime that comes with the fire kids tablet, tons of educational games and shows. The product case is made of foam and very durable.

Image Credits: Amazon

ixaer RC Drone with 200W Wi-FI Camera RC Quadcopter


All you really need to know about this high-tech drone is that it has a return home function. The fact that it will come back to exactly where it started when the battery gets low or the signal is weak IS going to come in handy, whether you’re a beginner with the flying machines or a pro. It’s also loaded up with headless mode, altitude hold and one-key takeoff and landing for the easiest possible operation. The HD camera takes stunning live videos that you can watch in real time from the screen of the remote controller. Trust us, this will take your family selfie game to a whole new level.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
All I can say is that my nephew was absolutely flipped out with this drone. The look on his face was priceless as we got it set up and launched it. He crashed it a whole bunch of times and it didn’t fall apart at all.

My 8 year old son had no trouble flying it. There is a follow me option which allows the drone to follow and record video as you walk ahead of it. Using the GPS, the drone is able to fly itself back to the ‘home’ location, where it took off from.

Don't be thinking this a delicate little flyer – it’s beautiful and sleek and strong. It uses an intelligent modular battery so no more wires and no more guessing how much power remains.

Image Credits: Amazon

Zoomer Dino


Kids love dinosaurs and robots. That’s a fact. Meet Zoomer. This dynamic dino uses something called True Balance technology to race around and explore everything on two super-sleek wheels. Kids delight in chasing after the T. rex as he roars and chomps at everything in his path. But, don’t worry, if you pet his nose, he’s as gentle as a puppy dog. Young paleontologists and eventual engineers can teach Zoomer tricks and interact with his different moods (his eyes change color depending on whether he’s happy or sad) and realistic dinosaur sounds and moves.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I bought this for my son for Christmas and so far he LOVES it. Even my daughter loves it. The battery lasts around 30 or so minutes, he goes back on the charger and they go right back to playing with him again. He's very entertaining and my son loves when Dino gets mad, he thinks he can make him happy again.

It’s awesome when you grab his tail and he gets mad and rolls around fast.

I actually really get a kick out of this thing. Too sophisticated for a toddler but great for older kids.

Image Credits: Amazon

Original BB-8 Sphero Droid Trainer


One of the hottest new Star Wars droids is a super cool robot for the bigger kids. This BB-8 is made of high-quality plastic, app-enabled and has the exact same movements and personality as the droid in the film. The more BB-8 interacts with people, the more he will display his range of emotions and will happily respond to voice commands. But he’s confident and powerful enough to explore on his own. You can even create and view holographic recordings with this famous robotic companion.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Fun little robot. I love this guys personality! He likes to patrol your room and check things out.

This little guy is a lot of fun! The direct control, as well as drawing paths for him to follow is a entertaining and provides a bit of a challenge.

Excellent wireless charging and confident battery life. It mostly rolls around makes noises here and there and you have a choice to control it.

Best Games

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Trust us, this is the only Trouble you’ll be okay with your little one getting into! The beloved Pop-O-Matic bubble is the same as ever on this classic board game. It’s a great way to work with kids on numbers and counting while they race their colorful pegs around the game board. The first one to get all of their pieces home safely wins. It’s a Parenting top pick because you can’t lose the dice, since it’s safely secured inside the bubble and it’s easy for little hands to push. This is a great game to pull out on a rainy or sick day to chase little ones’ troubles away.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This version allows you to play the old way or the new way. I had no idea there was a new way, but it is also a lot of fun. It’s worth having for company.

We love trouble! It is the best game! My six year old loves it, and even my husband has fun playing it. It is great for keeping kids busy. The game also incites cheerfulness and good sportsmanship.

In this day and age of video games and cell phone apps, it is great to be able to go to one of the retro games from my childhood and show the young kids how much fun it was. This game is great because you can learn the rules in a few minutes and the set up is a cinch.

Image Credits: Walmart



Time is of the essence with this game that’s been around for decades. Kids can test their skills against friends or by themselves as they race to beat the clock while fitting all 25 unique shapes into their proper place. Beware: If you take too long, the game board pops and the pieces go flying. It’s a great brain bender for growing minds, but it’s also a fabulously fun party game. And it’s adaptable for younger players by simply not using the timer. That’s why Perfection is one of our picks for perfect games for boys and girls.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Delighted to know this game is still around. I ordered it for a six-year-old grandson, who was very anxious to set it up and start a game.

I love the original perfection game for students in my classroom. We use it for fine motor development, to play cooperatively, to identify shapes, and as a free time activity.

One of the best all time games. Got this game years ago and lost it. Found it at Walmart and ordered it. We have game night ever Friday and this is the one they always want to play. Still the best game ever!

Image Credits: Walmart

Monopoly Fortnite Edition


The classic Hasbro real estate board game that’s been making game night more fun for decades gets a kid-friendly update based on the popular video game Fortnite. Instead of Boardwalk and Park Place and the thimble and dog, this version has Health Points, loot chest cards and the ability to build walls and damage opponents. Just like in the video game, the last player standing is the winner. Parents are pleased that this old-school board game manages to keep their kid’s attention almost as much as the flashy video game.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is the one and only game our three boys want to play on family game night. They have a blast. And that makes me happy. Well worth it. Highly recommend.

My son just received this for Christmas 2018 and so far he loves it. It's nice to have something Fortnite that is for playing together and being off of the electronics but it still is something that my child is interested in.

Everything in this game is straight from the Fortnite World. It’s a big hit with all the boys in the family and their little sister caught on quickly too.

Image Credits: Walmart

Chow Crown


We’ve found the exception to that rule about not playing with your food. Chow Crown encourages everyone in the family to take a bite out of the fun. It’s great as a game at birthday parties too. It’s sort of like musical chairs but with a forkful of food. The object of the game is to eat the most food as it swings by, before the music stops. Parents have found that it’s a great way to get picky eaters to try new things while having fun, which is enough for us to declare this buffet one of the best toys for boys and girls.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Really fun...both the kids and grown ups loved it! Well worth the money.

This game is fun for all ages! It does suggest 7 years and up mostly because it sits on your head and with a smaller head it’s difficult to fit. However, if you have a 4 year old you can assist and they can have a ball!! Used it at our Christmas party and we laughed till we cried! Pringle’s work very well on the forks.

We put all sorts of snacks on there, like chips, cookies, and the kids loved playing it with Gummy Worms! It was a good challenge to get all the food off the forks in time, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it easier.

Image Credits: Amazon

Don’t Step In It


Gross-out games are all the rage with elementary school kids, and this one certainly doesn’t stink. The object is simply to avoid the umm… doggie poop while blindfolded. Yes, the player that steps in the least amount of “poop,” which is actually just Play-Doh-like modeling compound, actually wins. Kids will have a blast molding the piles of poop, and they can play it all by themselves or with a group to avoid the poop.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My daughter loves this game. She is 7 and her and her friends laugh hysterically and have so much fun playing this game. Easy to set up and put away.

Little ones giggle and even adults find this highly entertaining. My 5 year old daughter, 7 year old niece, and 73 year old mother laughed until the cried. Buy it. It’s funny!

What a blast. This family game is soooo fun. Both kids and adults will get loads of laughs. I got lucky in making the poo patches to get the game ready with the compound and mold. This stuff does not stick and is not messy. Anyways I did not step in it but I chuckled when the kids did.

Best Ride-On Toys

Image Credits: Amazon

Diamondback Bicycles Jr. Viper BMX Bike


Looking for the perfect “big kid” bike for your child? The Jr. Viper is the best choice for kids looking for a little more adventure on two wheels. It’s got plenty of safety features to make parents and the peddler comfortable. But Mom and Dad really appreciate that the knobby tires help the bike stick to the turf during off-road rides, and the rear linear pull brake plus coaster break are perfect for riders learning to use a hand brake. It’s great for kids aged 4 to 9.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
A great 20'' bike for the price and seems fairly solid. Assembly wasn't challenging at all, as it came mostly assembled with tyres pre-inflated. The bike comes with a wrench and three allen keys to assemble it

The pedal action is smooth (I even tried it out myself) and the breaks (coaster and rear handbrake) both work great. My son loves the bike and I expect this will hold up as well as the excellent Diamondback mountain bike I had years ago.

These bikes are built great. They’re easy to put together which is a major plus. We have not had any issues whatsoever with any of the Diamondback bikes we have purchased.

Image Credits: Amazon

MMOYT Disney Princess Royal Carriage


Your little princess will ride in style in this adorable royal carriage. It’s fit for a queen and sized just right for the elementary school crew. It’s got an easy push-button foot accelerator to get moving and is simple to steer with the heart-shaped wheel. The pretty pink and white pony glides effortlessly on casters and enchants everyone in its path.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
It arrived just as pictured, no issues! My daughter loves it and wakes up early asking to ride it.

Grand daughter loved it! So cute! I highly recommend.

This is the cutest toy ever. When I saw it I knew I have to get it for my granddaughter. She is over the moon about it. It has a push pedal with is easy for her to operate. I wish it was big enough for me to ride around in like a princess.

Image Credits: Walmart

Jetson Orbit Light Up Folding Kids Kick Scooter


Only the coolest kids on the block have scooters that light up. The bright LED lights on the stem, deck and wheels of this lightweight scooter make it that much more fun. Kids will get a kick out of zooming around during the day and then enjoying the bright light show at night. Parents appreciate that the scooter folds up easily, since there’s a good chance they’ll end up hauling it around after the kids get tired of scooting to and from their favorite places.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My daughter absolutely loves her new scooter. What is great about it is that it can light up. We walk our dog at night (winter it gets dark early) and now it will be able to take her scooter with her and cars can see her when we cross the street. The quality is amazing as well.

It is a scooter with the best technology .. it is resistant to water, the brake is located in the back and can brake very easily, it is very safe. !! It is of excellent quality and material!

My kids love this light up scooter from Jetson. Assembly was a breeze, batteries were easy to install & the lights are so much fun. The wheel lights have trouble lighting up when in motion at times but that doesn't make a difference to my kids.

Image Credits: Amazon



Scooters have never looked so cool! This is a smooth and comfortable ride around the playground that can grow along with your kid, thanks to the extendable foot bar. What sets this ride-on toy apart from the rest is the absence of pedals. Instead, kids use an alternating motion on the foot bar to get their 2-wheel scooter started, and their hands are free to catch balls, play games or tow around other riders. It’s hours of carefree fun for kids of all ages.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My kids do really enjoy theirs EzyRollers. It is a great fun and active toy that they enjoy a lot.

Santa gave this to our son for Christmas. We haven't been able to use it outside yet because of the weather but the kids have been using it all over the house and they love it.

Surprised my son with this for Christmas and he loves it! It's been an instant hit anywhere we take it. My hubby and older son want one, too! It's still a good workout but it's more manageable for kiddos who have a hard time riding a bike.

Image Credits: Walmart

Power Wheels Wild Thing 360 Spinner


This Power Wheels was built for speed on the pavement and also grass, and looks pretty cool too. There’s no mistaking this sweet ride for a baby toy. It’s perfect for bigger kids, ages 5-10, who want to take a ride on the wild side. They’ll have a blast using the dual-joystick steering to fly forward or reverse, or send it for a full 360-degree spin with ease. Kids are impressed that it can move up to 5 mph, while parents appreciate the quality construction that Power Wheels is known for when it comes to ride-on toys.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My grandson loved it and it comes with 4 speeds, so we set it on low until he got used to it. He can steer it very well, which amazed me as I had seen videos of older kids having trouble steering it straight. He now has it on the high speed and loves it.

Best Birthday gift ever! They need to make one for adults. Well done Power Wheels it's the perfect gift for little adrenaline junkies. Kids love it. Money well spent! Granddaughter loves this... adults want a adult version. Lots of fun!

Best Outdoor Toys

Image Credits: Amazon

KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse


Tiny houses are all the rage with adults, but this miniature modern is just the right size for the elementary school crowd. Parents love that it has a built-in picnic table, which makes snacks and mealtime so much more fun. Kids love the working doors, windows and mailbox, as well as the super cool design. It’s also got an outdoor grill with removable lid. The water-resistant, reinforced wooden panels stand strong against warping and weathering.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My daughter loved it and it only took a few hours for my husband to assemble. So adorable and just our style. Was thrilled. Got tons of compliments from all the parents that came over for her birthday party and all her little friends loved it too, even more than the petting zoo we had!

So this is an adorable play house. We have gotten a billion comments about how cute it is.

Can it provide a ton of fun for your kiddo? You bet. Is it easy to put together? Yes and no. The instructions are great. It makes Ikea instructions look like hieroglyphs. They are that good.

Image Credits: Target

Water Wubble Water Balloon Balls


Water Wubbles are pretty awesome because they seal themselves after being filled, and they’re reusable. Basically, they’re a more environmentally friendly water balloon. Four red and four blue Water Wubbles come in a pack and will change the way the neighborhood has a water balloon fight. Parents also appreciate that they’re easy to fill by just pressing up against a faucet, so kiddos can take care of that task all by themselves.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
All of our own kids, plus those who visit, love love love playing with these in the pool. They are not invincible, so they do break when stretched too much.

Great product very durable it’s great that kids can reuse.

The Water Wubble provided the kids with hours of fun. The balloons are really easy to fill both from a tap, a hose, and even from a bucket. The packaging is easy to open and the instructions are easy to follow. All in all, a fun reusable summer activity that is really affordable.

Image Credits: Target

Bunch O Balloons Water Slide


There are 16 feet of slick fun to fly down before splashing into a pool full of water balloons in this awesome outdoor water toy. The durable slide is all slicked up with the help of multiple fountains of water. It quickly attaches to most standard hoses and includes 200 of the unique easy-to-fill Bunch O Balloons water bombs. Kids of all ages will beg to slide through summer with all this water fun.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My kids spend all summer playing with this. It’s great for playdates.

Got this for my twin grandsons and they apparently beg their parents to come over to Grammie’s house as often as possible. It makes a big splash!

My kids love the Bunch O Balloons water balloons for years so I figured they’d get a kick out of this. It really does hold a lot of water for a good splash when they hit all the balloons. It’s a hit. Highly recommend.

Image Credits: Aqua Lily Products

The Pad Floating Foam Mat


This 18-by-6-foot floating foam mat by Aqua Lily Products is like a personal island for all your favorite people. It’s a bit of an investment, as far as water toys are concerned, but rest assured that it’s constructed of proprietary UV-Resistant foam with a Flex-Core technology that helps it maintain its shape for summers to come. It’s an eye-catching attraction in any pool or lake and can hold up to 7 adults. And when the temperature drops, it rolls up for compact storage.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
One of the best things I’ve tried for the water! No blowing up! No leaks or patches! It’s the best! As one of my friends said this weekend “This is the best thing you ever bought!

Ordered this for grandkids when they visit us at the lake, had neighbors' kids try it out, and after 2 hours of non-stop use by up to 7 kids, we proclaimed it a success and rolled it back up. Light enough to carry anywhere, and much easier to transport and stow than inflatable mats and platforms.

This was great for the price compared to the alternatives I looked at. It is a great time on the water. My 10 year old niece can stand on it without any sinkage. It rolls pretty easily while standing on the back of the boat. It’s easiest with 2 people. Overall, I would totally recommend for the price!

Image Credits: Pottery Barn Kids

Unicorn Sprinkler


Little ones will delight in getting wet and wild with this whimsical sprinkler. The super cute unicorn outdoor water toy is extra special because it boasts not one but two water sprinklers for double the safe, watery fun. Set this up on a sunny day and watch your kids giggle and dance with the adorably cool mythical creature, which spouts water from its head and back. It requires a pump to inflate, which isn’t included, but it’s worth the effort, confirm plenty of parents.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This was literally one of the most amazing investments I've ever made. Had a big party and wanted something that would be a great item to take pictures with, and boy was I right! People loved it. I also found it super easy to blow up with a hairdryer on a cool setting. Loved it.

AWESOME!! Just wish there were straps for wind stakes. This thing flew around until I tied her up to a tree with a rope. The kids had a hoot!

Are you looking for a lit summer activity involving your friends, family, pets, neighbors? This unicorn sprinkler is for you! Genuinely some of the most fun my kids have had in awhile.