Choo Choo! 10 Train Tables That Will Spark Imagination and Keep Kids Busy for Hours

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Choo Choo! 10 Train Tables That Will Spark Imagination and Keep Kids Busy for Hours
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Train sets have been delighting kids for decades. There’s just something about rolling a train around an imaginary town that kids can’t get enough of. Parents love train sets because they are hands-on toys that keep kids creative and moving, and there’s not a screen in sight.


But there is one drawback to having an expansive train set, and that’s all the myriad pieces lying around in a big mess. Sure, you can encourage your kid to pick up after themselves, but the reality is that there’s bound to be a train or two (or three) scattered somewhere it shouldn’t be. A train table is an excellent solution to keeping your child’s train set contained. Plus, many train tables come with built-in imaginary landscapes and offer storage when they’re not in use.


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While train tables can take up a lot of space, they offer a lot in the way of play, making them a worthy purchase if you have a mini train-enthusiast on your hands. Brands like Kidkraft, Step2, and Little Tykes make popular train tables that parents say their “kids use every day” — and they’ll solve all your “train track nightmares.” What more could a parent ask for?


We found the 10 best train tables for little conductors. Read more about each below!



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Best Overall

KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table


This table is perfect for playdates or siblings as it can easily accommodate several children at once. It features a beautifully detailed scene, 100 train pieces and accessories, and two bins for storage.

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Best Wood

Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set for Kids


This wooden train table has wheels that make it easy to nestle in a corner when it’s not being used. It comes with dozens of accessories, including tracks, bridges, signs, people, and trains, to keep kids busy for a long time

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Best for Small Spaces

Funpeny Wooden City Train Set and Table


Kids can create the little town of their dreams on this train table, which comes with a hospital, a fire station, trains, taxis, people, and more. Plus, all the wooden pieces are made from 100 percent basswood, giving the pieces their smooth feel, and painted with non-toxic paint.

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Best for Outside

Step2 Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table


This plastic train table works well indoors or outdoors and is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. It includes a three-piece train set and tracks, which can easily be covered by the included top when not in use.

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Bigjigs Rail Magical Train Set and Table


This magical train table includes unicorns, fairy princesses, and a bubble-gum pink train that whirls around a whimsical scene. Plus, right now, it’s on sale for nearly 30 percent off.

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Best Storage

KidKraft Metropolis Train Table and Set


Storage is the real winner here. Not only does this train table include 100 train pieces and accessories, but it has a rolling trundle underneath to store them all.

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Best Minimalist

Pidoko Kids Train Table


The edges on this train table come up slightly higher to ensure that nothing falls off while kids are playing. It’s made from 100 percent natural wood and includes 90 train-themed accessories.

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Best for Big Kids

Carolina Grow-with-you Activity Table


This activity table will accommodate large train sets and can be adjusted in height to fit 15- or 24-inch legs. The raised edges keep everything on the table, which can also accommodate storage bins underneath.

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Most Features

Imaginarium Metro Line Train Table


This train table features an underground metro station to allow kids to play on different levels. The train seamlessly rolls from top to bottom and back again for a unique play experience.

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Best for Toddlers

Hape Railway Play Table


This train table is an excellent choice for the littlest train lovers. It comes with a soft storage box for all the pieces and is colorful and bright, and at just under 2 feet tall, it’s just the right height for toddlers.