Look out Mom and Dad, Blume Dolls Are This Year’s Trendiest Toy So Far!

by Samantha McIntyre

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Look out Mom and Dad, Blume Dolls Are This Year’s Trendiest Toy So Far!
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What’s that hair-raising trend sprouting up this summer in a toy store aisle near you? They’re Blume Dolls! Predicted to be the hottest toy of the season, parents can expect to see their kiddos firmly planted in front of these colorful flower pots anxiously awaiting the big reveal of the mystery doll. Kids add water and wait with eager anticipation for the doll hidden inside to grow. Blume Dolls are currently available at Walmart.


The latest launch in collectible surprise toys, Blume dolls are fast approaching L.O.L. Surprise! status for Toy of the Year swiftly rising to the #1 spot on Amazon’s Toy Movers and Shakers list on the first day of their launch on June 21. The doll is only available to preorder on Amazon. There are 22 dolls in the collection, and kiddos can get excited about finding all of their faves along with some rare and super-rare doll styles mixed in the series (cross your fingers and hope to pluck one of these exclusive dolls!). The hair, clothing and accessories for each unique doll are all interchangeable, and the flower pots are filled with more than 10 surprises wrapped inside. All of the pieces are designed for play, including the flower pot, which can be decorated with stickers and doubles as a display and a playset.


With these popular dolls selling fast, parents will need to pick up on this budding trend before it’s gone! Blume dolls are designed for kids ages 3 and up and available at all Walmart stores.


Image Credits: Walmart

Blume Doll


No late bloomers here, Blume dolls blossom right before your eyes! Simply use the enclosed watering can to add water to the flower pot and wait just a few seconds to watch her grow!

What Reviewers Are Saying:
My 4-year-old granddaughter loved this. She was so excited when the doll grew and popped up! Will for sure, buy again.